IPA Prizes and Awards 2015





Extraordinarily Meritorious Service to the IPA Award

The Board

Presenting during Business Meeting

Certificate only presented at the Business Meeting

Aira Laine


Hayman Prize for Published Work Pertaining  to Traumatized Children and Adults

Kerry Novick (Chair)


$4,000 and certificate

Daniel Schechter            


Elise M. Hayman Award for the Study of the Holocaust and Genocide

Gertraud Schlesinger-Kipp (Chair)

Anna Ornstein

Ana Rosa Trachtenberg

Yolanda Gampel

(Selection cttee appointed by PC)

$4,000 and certificate

Publication to IJP


Harvey Peskin

Uses of Guilt in Recovery

Psychoanalytic Training Today Award

Fernando Weissmann (Chair)

Education & Oversight Committee

(E&O Cttee “selects the winner and any runners up.”)

Certificate only


First Prize: “Supervision Triangles"            
Hilit Brodsky-Arel .

Second Prize: “El falso self analítico”
Cecilia Rodríguz Plasencia


Psychoanalytic Research Exceptional Contribution Awards

Mark Solms (Chair)

Marianne Leuzinger-Bohleber

Ricardo Bernardi

Robert Galatzer-Levy

(Judged by Research Cttee Chair and co-Chairs)

$500 for each of up to four papers/posters, and certificate

Daniel Schechter

Negative attributions

Tyson Prize

IIRC IPA IPSO Relations Committee

Luisa Marino Chair

Debra Zatz IPSO President

$500 for winner in 1 region & $250 for each finalist in other 2 regions

Winner Antje Hofmeister

Making iContact: Opening doors

Runner up

Valeria Nader 

Las Arañas De Blanca: Un Relato Del Claustrum

Sarah-Ruth  Weinberg

The impossible reparation

Sacerdoti Prize

Congress Programme Committee

£500 (GBP)

Paula Zalaquett

Una Reflexión acerca de la Defensa Adictiva