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Congress Programme

THE TALKING CURE IS NO ALTERNATIVE FACT: Evidence Based Research in Psychoanalytic Treatment
This symposium will fix a spotlight on an international panel of practicing psychoanalysts who also conduct innovative, empirical, evidence-based research that validates and underscores the contemporary relevance of psychoanalysis. Attendees can expect a lively interchange of ideas amongst the panelists as they present and discuss ongoing cutting-edge research that supports what practicing analysts have intuitively known for more than a century: talk therapy changes brains.  
Chair Randi Wirth Panellists   Andrew GerberJuan Pablo JimenezBjörn SalomonssonMark Solms.

Opening Clinical Ceremony: Wednesday 26 July 16:00-18:00
Opening Plenary: Wednesday 26 July 18.00-19.45
Presenter: Ted Jacobs (USA) “Emotional trauma, an incapacity for intimacy, and acting out in a young woman; struggling with the countertransference”
Discussants: Angelika Staehle (Germany) and Olga Varela (Mexico)
Chair: Jorge Bruce (Peru)

Keynote Speakers

Adrienne Harris
Thursday 27th July 
Intimacy: The Tank in the Bedroom
Juan Dittborn
Leopoldo Bleger

Björn and Majlis Salomonsson Friday 28th July
Intimacy thwarted and established: A follow-up of a baby girl through child therapy
María Pia Costa 
Robert Emde   

Ruggero Levy Saturday 29th July
The dramatic and beautiful in engagement and disengagement with the Other
Anna Nicoló  
Osamu Fukumoto 

The following proposals have been accepted for the congress programme.
If your proposal has been accepted and is not listed below please let us know, we are currently working in the programme draft and will update this page continuosly.
Thank you for helping us to ensure your proposal title and inclusion in the programme is marked down correctly
IPA Congress Team







4224 Escucha psicoanalítica de la vida y la muerte Community Models Sandra Bertoldi
4021 Reflective Spaces Material Places: A Vibrant Model for Community Psychoanalysis Community Models Francisco Gonzalez
4281 VINCULOS Community Models Constantino Caridad
4163 And Now, Love: A Documentary About the Life and Work of Bernard Bail Film Bernard Bail
3849 Anuncios Film Carlos Barredo
3677 Intimacy and the inability to mourn Film Ilany Kogan
4119 ¿Es posible la intimidad para la melancolía? Individual Paper Liliana Denicola
4104 ¿Identidad nativa o psicosis? El psicoanálisis en debate con la psiquiatría Individual Paper Laura Yaser
4227 ¿Una cercanía inesperada?: Hacia una descripción de la dinámica clínica de la intimidad. Individual Paper Silvia Acosta
4143 A Laplanche-inspired reconceptualization of adolescence. Individual Paper Robert Riethmiller
4171 A new fact of life: mass surveillance of telecommunications and its implications for psychoanalytic confidentiality. Individual Paper John Churcher
3877 Acerca de la construcción de Puntualizaciones sobre el amor de transferencia a la luz de la correspondencia entre S. Freud y sus discípulos Individual Paper Christian Lopardo
3929 Acerca de la finitud de un encuentro analítico: lo que la intimidad nos permite saber Individual Paper Andrea Escobar Altare
4279 Acerca de los desbordes en la intimidad: historia de una lactancia prolongada? por veinticuatro años Individual Paper Jorge Catelli
3915 Achieving intimacy with a pedophile: the ambiguous, interconnected worlds of Mr A., Mr Humbert Humbert and the psychoanalyst Individual Paper Daniela Mingotti
4108 Amae and Transience of Passive Love Individual Paper Osamu Kitayama
4040 At the "roots" of intimacy Individual Paper luisa masina
4405 Au coeur du rêve, la horde et Malaise dans la civilisation et désastre totalitaire Individual Paper François Villa
4430 Concordant identification and the clinical situation Individual Paper Tormod Knutsen
4188 Consideraciones psicoanalíticas sobre francotiradores y/o terroristas: matar a los ancestros Individual Paper Rosa Goldstein
3736 Containment, self-containment and psychological growth: A Contribution to Wilfred Bion?s Theory of the Container Individual Paper Robert Caper
3588 Creative (Self-)Analysis Individual Paper Rainer Matthias Holm-Hadulla
3823 Defense mechanisms development in typical children Individual Paper Maria Anna Tallandini
4399 Del cuerpo al sueño, una travesía a través de Eros Individual Paper Gustavo Jarast
3718 Del duelo congelado a la intimidad sexual Individual Paper Isabel Eckell de Muscio
4063 Demografía, envejecimiento humano y destitución generacional, íntima, privada y pública. Individual Paper Osvaldo Bodni
4093 Desde la clínica de la perversión: la intimidad avasallada Individual Paper María Ragau
4386 Dime que soy tuya. Intimidad y pulsión posesiva Individual Paper Raul Fernandez Vilanova
3967 El Edipo desde la perspectiva psico-social Individual Paper Samuel Arbiser
4243 El proceso de duelo en los niños, la pérdida de la intimidad. Efectos en el cuerpo Individual Paper Eva Rotenberg
4355 Esa leve voz que contiene: (re) construcción de una intimidad posible durante el proceso analítico Individual Paper Alejandro Beltrán Guerrero
4395 Finding My Childhood - Again: Fleeing the Shoah; Memory Returning Individual Paper Evelyne Albrecht Schwaber
4122 Funcionamiento sadomasoquista: un blindaje a la intimidad Individual Paper Maria Cecilia Silva
4112 Injuria a la intimidad: sobre la mujer humillada Individual Paper Rubén Zukerfeld
3714 Intimacy and loneliness in a digital age: Considerations for the psyche of the adult patient of the future Individual Paper Janice Lieberman
4174 Intimacy and Temporality. Music as an Operator of Symbolic Links Individual Paper Ludovica Grassi
4000 Intimidad y extrañeza en la escucha y en el espacio psicoanalítico: una reflexión con la ayuda de la anamorfosis Individual Paper Adriana Ramacciotti
3866 Intimidad y la Capacidad de "Sufrir" la Soledad Individual Paper Hugo Goldiuk
3582 Intimidad y transgresión Individual Paper Francisco Muñoz-Martin
3702 Into the depths of a 'black hole' and deadness Individual Paper Ofra Eshel
4012 la ampliacion del Psicoanálisis Individual Paper Judith Goldschmidt de Schevach
4109 La Experiencia estética intermédia: El self transicional o el self en transicionalidade Individual Paper Anna Melgaço Leal Silva
4098 La intimidad como llave de la ruptura epistemológica freudiana. Una indagacion histórica por los inicios del psicoanálisis. Individual Paper Francisco Montejo
3811 La intimidad de la formación analítica Individual Paper Mónica Hamra
4095 La intimidad en el encuadre analítico: hay un lugar para la investigación científica? Individual Paper Walter Migliorini
3992 La Intimidad: Una Territorialidad Conquistada. Individual Paper Pilar Puertas Tejedor
4457 La más pura intimidad: la sesión analítica Individual Paper Laura Ward Da Rosa
3701 Le travail du féminin dans l'intimité de la relation psychanalyste-psychanalysante ou la découverte de l'étrange nouveauté Individual Paper Valérie Burnet
3770 L'homosexualité masculine, vers un déni de sa regressivité libidinale Individual Paper Jérôme Glas
3832 Malicious intimacy: the conjugal prison of narcisssitic relations PyshcoNlytic reflections through contemporary novels Individual Paper Rossella Valdre
3788 Memory of the Process: The role of day's residues in the field of the session. Individual Paper Cecilia Taiana
3878 Metapsicología y clínica de la intimidad en el proceso analítico Individual Paper Luis Kancyper
4445 Narcissism Touching the Invisibility and Building a Self Individual Paper Miriam Altman
4425 On intimacy, recognition, and shame Individual Paper Jussi Kotkavirta
4346 Patient's pain and analyst's pain: what level of intimacy? Individual Paper Stefano Tugnoli
4083 Problems in human development: problems in human development: how a lack of human connections leads to dehumanization and addiction Individual Paper José Zusman
4451 Problems of intimacy in third generation of descendants of Holocaust survivors as an expression of intergenerational difficulties in containment Individual Paper Rogério Lerner
3620 Psychoanalysis and Chinese Culture: A Confluence of Styles, Structures, and Values Individual Paper Peter Loewenberg
4073 Restaurer l?intime, jouer avec la destructivité, jouer avec le feu? Individual Paper Armelle Hours
3800 Revisiting A Child is being Beaten - the Intimacy of Maternal Sadism Individual Paper Jonathan Sklar
4372 Searching for the truth in history and in oneself: the vicissitudes of countertransference Individual Paper Idete Bizzi

3621 Technology and Intimacy in Child Analysis. Individual Paper Oscar Rey de Castro
4180 The Couple World Individual Paper Graciela Abelin-Sas Rose
3715 The first basic steps for a possible future intimacy in the analytic situation Individual Paper Franco Borgogno
4232 The Hysteric Hamlet Individual Paper Kien Ket Lim
3767 The Missing Father in Psychoanalytic Technique: An Obstacle to Mature Intimacy Individual Paper Dr Michael J Diamond
4449 The Mystery, the Turbulence and the Passion of the Aesthetic Conflict: Donald Meltzer's understanding of intimacy Individual Paper Karen Proner
3971 The Perils of Intimacy: An Analyst's Search for Empathy and the Lies That Get Her There. Individual Paper Michelle Shubin
3955 The Psychoanalytic Significance of the 'Currency of Intimacy' within the Evolving Cultural Systems of Emotional Exchange Individual Paper Professor Movahedi
3839 The Role of Clinical Techniques in Affording Intimacy in the Analytic Couple Individual Paper S. Montana Katz
4350 The Taboo on Adult Erotic Tenderness. A close reading and critique of Freud and Kristeva's Work on Sexuality. Individual Paper Stephanie Koziej
3781 The Troubling Problem of Authority in Psychoanalytic Institutes Individual Paper Fred Busch
4294 Time and the Body: Managing Longing Through the Manipulation of Time Individual Paper Paula Mandel
4153 Transferencia y contra-transferencia: generación de un espacio de inter-intimidad Individual Paper Sara Zac de Filc
4205 Transmission of the unspeakable:father and son in times of war Individual Paper Noemi Huler
4228 Umberto Eco and the Intentio Operis: for a semiotic construction of intimacy. Individual Paper Stefano Candellieri
4160 Un momento en la vida de riley. (cuando su mente no pudo con su alma) Individual Paper Néstor Toyos
4266 Warum so viel?? So oft? Über Wirkung und Wirksamkeit von Intimität. Ein Beitrag zur klinischen Theorie der Stundenfrequenz Individual Paper Hemma Rössler-Schülein
3815 What Stands in the Way of Intimacy? -The Importance of Experience in Early Infancy Individual Paper T Simpson
3775 When Language Meets Traumatic Lacuna: The Metaphoric, the Metonymic and the Psychotic Modes of Testimony Individual Paper Dana Amir
4383 Working as a double in the intimacy of the analytic relationship with a handicapped child Individual Paper Angelika Staehle
3899 "The phenomenology of intimacy within the psychoanalytic situation" Panel Johannes Picht
3743 ¿Cómo afecta al psicoanálisis la dilución actual de la intimidad que prevalece en nuestros días? Panel Julio Moreno
3842 Adolescence and Intimacy Panel Sergio Nick
3919 Although our instructions are to list this proposal under the heading of Panel Presentation, the Committee on Psychoanalysis and Culture wishes to propose an open workshop on the following topic: The Impact of Culture and Politics on Patterns of Int Panel Theodore Jacobs
4265 An Experiential Large Group event: "Intimacy and its Vicissitudes in Psychoanalytic Practice, Groups and Institutions" Panel Shmuel Erlich
3596 An Illusion of Intimacy: The relationship between the disrupted capacity to symbolize and the aquisition of the object Panel Rose Gupta
4170 Biological Psychiatry: Brain Changes in Psychoanalysis Panel Tamara Fischmann
4356 Boundaries of Intimacy: Paradoxes of Illusion and Meaningfulness Panel Proposal from Three Analysts on Three Continents Panel Harriet Basseches
4199 Clínica psicosomática: entre conformismo e intimidad. Panel Karina Soldati
3580 Closing ceremony Panel Stefano Bolognini
3897 Conflict and deficit. Concepts and technique revisited. Panel Siri Gullestad
3576 Creativity and Intimacy Panel Rainer Matthias Holm-Hadulla
4071 Cuerpo, Sexo e Intimidad. Panel Rodrigo Rojas
3666 Cyberintimacy. Exploring the relationship between virtual reality and psychoanalysis. Panel Andrea Marzi
4110 Del aislamiento a la intimidad en la clínica de niños con autismo Panel Maria Thereza França
3627 Desire and Dread in the Psychoanalytic Situation Panel Stanley Coen
3586 Dining with Anna Freud Panel Isaac Tylim
4103 El asesinato de la intimidad: impacto psicológico de las desapariciones forzadas y la violencia social (PANEL BILINGÜE ESPAÑOL/INGLÉS). Panel Juan Tubert-Oklander
4015 El estado mental del analista en el desarrollo de la intimidad Panel Alberto Hahn
3798 El método de Observación de Esther Bick. El acercamiento al mundo interno del bebé y el niño pequeño, los caminos de la mente hacia la intimidad. Panel Silvia de Egea
4087 En La Cocina Del Cocinero: Intimidades Mentales Del Analista En Sesión Panel Jaime Lutenberg
3860 Encuentro Analítico: Intimidad y Simbolización Panel Roosevelt Cassorla
3745 Enrique Pichon-Rivière: Pioneer of the Link in Psychoanalysis Panel David Scharff
3989 Eros in the Consulting Room: Mourning, Ethics and Psychoanalytic Community Panel Julie Leavitt
4138 Erotized transference as a defence against intimacy Panel Glen GABBARD
4172 Espacio analítico e intimidad en la clínica infantil: Lugar de los padres Panel Elizabeth Palacios García
4084 Failed Intimacy and a Haunted Profession: Morality, Homosexuality and Secrets Panel Arthur Fox
4126 Failures of Intimacy in Holocaust Narratives: Social, institutional, and Personal Resistances Panel Dawn Skorczewski
3841 Faraway So Close Intimacy and autistic spectrum disorders. Part 1 Panel Chiara Cattelan
3975 Faraway So Close Intimacy and autistic spectrum disorders. Part 2 Panel Joshua Durban
3896 Fear of incest, incestuous acting out and the avoidance of psychic intimacy (in the analytic process and the training process). Panel Patrick Miller
4077 Fear of intimacy. The false, uncanny intimacy of the perverse. Panel Paola Golinelli
3750 Finding Unconscious Fantasy in the Intimacy of the Analytic Encounter Panel Paula Ellman
4162 Gay Male Intimacy: Examining Psychoanalytic Theory and Clinical Practice located outside of the heterosexual binary. Panel Marco Posadas
3844 Good-enough Intimacy / Trans-enough Gender Panel Stephen Hartman
3678 Hoping, Losing and Developing Intimacy in Infancy and Psychoanalytical Work Panel Nergis Gulec
3676 How do we understand intimacy from an intrapsychic model: Where is the unconscious in the concept of intimacy? Panel Dana Birksted-Breen
4116 Impact of Recent Korean Socio-Cultural Changes on Patients in Psychoanalysis Panel Jaehak Yu
3730 International Working Group on Teleanalysis Panel Proposal in English. The Body in the Teleanalytic Setting Panel Jill Scharff
3810 Intimacy and Autism: an apparent paradox. Is it possible for a therapist to become ?autistic? when working with an autistic person? Panel Christine Anzieu-Premmereur
3720 Intimacy and Gender: Co-ordinated Panels (1 & 2) The 1. Violation of Intimacy and Gender Panel Gertraud Schlesinger-Kipp
3742 Intimacy and Gender: Co-ordinated Panels (1 & 2) The 2. Panel: The Courage to Know Violence Against Women-- Perversion of Intimacy Panel Nancy Goodman
3578 Intimacy and here and now Panel Antonio Pérez-Sánchez
4269 Intimacy and its Absence: Causes for Cohesion and Fragmentation in Psychoanalytic Organizations Panel Shmuel Erlich
3719 Intimacy and It's Manifestation in Psychoanalytic Training and in Post-graduate Continuing Education and Functioning Panel Jorge Schneider
4396 Intimacy and pseudo intimacy in couple relationships: Insights from couple analysis and its application to the patient analyst couple Panel Hanni Mann-Shalvi
4173 Intimacy and technology: developing a psychoanalytic dialogue. Panel John Churcher
4221 Intimacy in Alienation: Engaging with Hindu-Muslim Intimacy and it's survival. Panel ashis roy
4134 Intimacy in Negative Capability Panel Evelyn Pye
3853 Intimacy in the Psychosomatic Situation Panel Anna Christopoulos
3819 Intimacy in/of analyst?s consulting room Panel Cosimo Schinaia
4380 Intimacy, chronic depression and trauma. Panel Lisa Kallenbach
3757 Intimacy, femininity, and the body: conversations with African Women. Panel Giuliana Rivera Farfán
3644 Intimacy?s Underbelly: Communal Responses to Sexual Boundary Violations Panel Joyce Slochower
4152 Intimate Messages: Adorning the Body to Communicate the Self Panel Anita Katz
4007 Intimidad e Intimidación Consecuencias de la Intimidación y el daño a la Intimidad. Panel Hilda Catz
4363 Intimidad en los vínculos familiares. Reflexiones a partir de diversas investigaciones. Panel Paula Berenstein
4398 Intimidad en tiempos de la tecnocultura: progreso o regresión? Panel Gustavo Jarast
3920 Intimidad y diferencia sexual. A propósito de un caso de intersexualidad (ESPACIO LACAN EN IPA) Panel N?stor Toyos
3784 Intimidad y parentalidades en el siglo XXI Panel Alice Lewkowicz
3964 Intimité : l?association libre dans les groupes inter-analytiques Panel Lila Hoijman
3892 IPA encyclopaedic dictionary of psychoanalysis: inter-regional phase Panel Eva Papiasvili
4242 Is empirical research a danger for clinical intimacy? New methodological tools to face and develop an old, interminable controversy (researchers vs. clinicians). Panel Giovanni Foresti
3962 It Takes Three to Tango: Sustaining intimacy in the face of impingements on the analytic container. Panel Michael Krass
4377 La "intimidad", entre el sí mismo y la otredad, un espacio posible de " resistencia" del sujeto en la sociedad actual. Panel Jorge Canteros
3762 La comunicación humana en la intimidad de la sesión, tratando pacientes adolescentes y niños con patologías severas. Panel David Rosenfeld
4189 La escritura confesional del psicoanalista: un acto íntimo. Panel Jean Tauszik
3876 La identidad como vitrina del placer: diálogos entre Brasil y Argentina, Psicoanálisis y Ciencias Sociales. Panel Alejandro Raz?
4118 La intimidad amenazada ? Derechos Humanos y psicoanálisis Panel Andrés Alois Gautier Hirsch
4147 La intimidad en la vida familiar Panel Roberto Losso
3723 La intimidad familiar y la intimidad ominosa en la mediana edad. Panel Guillermo Montero
4184 La intimidad perdida. trabajo interdisciplinario: la visita de los hermanos a la ucin (Unidad de Cuidados Intensivos Neonatales). Panel Liliana Tettamanti de Viera
3806 La intimidad y la adolescencia Panel Luis Martin Cabre
4420 La intimidad y las relaciones psicoanalícas: duales y institucionales. Panel Anette Luz
4081 La percepción de la intimidad entre adolescentes en su contexto social y cultural. Una lectura psicoanalítica. Panel David Levisky
3814 La pluralité de l?intime : le psychodrame psychanalytique Panel Clarisse Baruch
4060 Las experiencias traumáticas no representadas y el trabajo analítico Panel Juan Artaloytia Usobiaga
4114 L'intimité, la communication primitive, la communication psychanalytique Panel Ema Ponce de Leon
3752 Lo intimo y lo extimo en el sujeto del inconciente Panel Jaime Szpilka Zacharek
4467 Love and Ideology Panel Eyal Rozmarin
4144 Manifestaciones del cuerpo en la intimidad de la dupla analítica Panel Adriana Sorrentini
4036 Neuropsychodynamic Psychiatry and Psychoanalysis Panel Heinz Boeker
4209 Obstacles to intimacy and their elaboration : an analytic field perspective Panel Marco Conci
3579 Opening Ceremony Panel Stefano Bolognini
4325 Panel on Intimacy on the mental health field, with the participation of Cláudio Laks Eizirik( chair), Susana Muszkat, Philip Stokoe and Joachim Kuchenhoff. Panel Cláudio Eizirik
3869 Pasando la Antorcha: Migración del Psicoanálisis en América Latina Panel Jorge Bruce
4168 Paths and Figures of Intimacy within Psychoanalytic Rooms and Organisations Panel Jasminka Suljagic
4276 Professional proximity: swimming in mirky water? Panel Bernard Chervet
3793 Psicoanálisis y literatura. Viena-Buenos Aires, Freud-Borges Panel Luis Kancyper
4307 Psicoanalistas en diálogo con ?lo? jurídico. Los alcances de nuestro que-hacer hoy ante la judicialización de las conflictividades vinculares y violencias feminicidas Panel Alicia Beatriz Iacuzzi
4477 Psychoanalysis and the Cognitive Neuroscience of Intimacy Panel Michael Moskowitz
4272 Refugees? need for understanding and intimacy: psychoanalytic approaches Panel Sverre Varvin
3843 Regret: the affect of missed intimacies and unrealized dreams Panel Salman Akhtar
4127 Soñando en conjunto: El impacto de la supervisión en el trabajo clínico Panel Ilana Meller
4378 Tattoo, intimacy and psychosomatics: symbolization of inner and external world. Panel Jorge Ulnik
4428 The body : psychic site of intimacy construction. Panel Fran?ois Villa
4369 The body given and the body refused: Language, intimacy, and the physical act Panel Olga Poznansky
4407 The danger of abrupt terminations in long-term psychotherapy and/or psychoanalysis due to ethical complaints. Panel Paulina Fuentes Moad
4481 The dark side of institutional intimacy Panel Maria Teresa Savio Hooke
3564 The Ethics of Power in Training Institutes Panel Altamirando Andrade
4033 The fear of facing drives and desires. Learning from psychoanalytical setting intimacy: Is it still appropriate to reduce anorexia to eating disorders? Panel Paolo Cotrufo
3650 The Ghosts of Others: Transgenerational Trauma and the Haunting of Analytic Intimacy Panel Michael Feldman
3751 The Impossibility of Intimacy in the Agora-claustrophobic Situation Panel Claudia Frank
4157 The intimacies of transsexual and trans-embodied lives Panel Jeanne Wolff Bernstein
4005 The intimacy language and verbal language Panel Simona Pesce
3684 The intimacy of writing fiction Panel Cordelia Schmidt-Hellerau
4137 The Origins of Intimacy and development: Interactive mother infant early meaningful experiences. Panel Alexandra Harrison
4410 The Intimacy of Unconscious Communication: Unsymbolized Elements of
Analytic Contact
Panel Drew Tillotson
4053 The Quest for Intimacy with the Past in Descendants of Historical Trauma Panel Samuel Gerson
4074 The role of pleasure in human physical and psychical development and its relationship to intimacy Panel Marta Badoni
3613 The shared intimacy within the analytic session Panel Elsa Rappoport de Aisemberg
3923 The voice of intimacy: Attunement and trauma Panel Suzanne Rosenfeld
4003 Título: Lo intimo y lo publico en la formación psicoanalitica Univeristaria Pentlistas Ricardo Bernardi APU. Universidad de URuguay Carla Mantilla. la Maestría en Intervención Clínica Psicoanalítica de la Pontifica Universidad Católica del Perú. Rodo Panel rodolfo moguillansky
4290 Transformations in the Fear of Intimacy Panel Marina Altmann de Litvan
4342 Transparent??.. How Intimate Do We Really Want to Be?? Can We Embody the Gender & Sexuality of Our Patients and Bear It? Panel Ethan Grumbach
4404 Use and opinion of Informed Consent among psychoanalysts and analysts-in-training in Latin America belonging to the International Psychoanalytical Association (IPA), Panel Laura Borensztein de Weinstein
4241 Vicisitudes de la intimidad de la relación madre/bebe en el registro interpersonal e intrapsíquico. La clínica psicoanalítica con bebes y sus padres. Panel Nora Woscoboinik-Scheimberg
3634 What does intimacy in the analytic setting mean? Panel Fred Busch
3796 When betrayal is necessary Panel Martin Gauthier
3637 Wilfred Bion?s Seminars and Supervision in Buenos Aires Panel Joseph Aguayo
4254 Working with psychotic patients and the creation of intimacy Panel Alain Gibeault
3804 Working with the tender, the loving and the affectionate ? or the analyst?s embarrassment with analytic intimacy Panel Adela Abella Garcia
4164 Algunas vicisitudes de la intimidad en un espacio triádico: madre-bebé-observador Poster Viviana Miño
3563 BDSM and Psychodynamics Poster Kaitlyn Hillier
4431 Counter-transference with Violent patient. A psychodynamic case study of homicide Poster Houssam Raai
3990 Descriptive and dynamic unconscious process in analytic sessions: a research about the dynamic building of clinical dialogue focused in mentalization functioning. Poster Silvia Acosta
3612 Growing older... and, in Psychotherapy. Poster Carla Souza
4261 Había una vez una historia: los pacientes un centro de día en el viaje en el mundo de los cuentos. Poster Cristina Marogna
4128 Identidad Psicoanalítica: del miedo a la intimidad con el desconocido Camino construido por puentes entre la poesía y el pensar, entre Mia Couto y W. Bion Poster Sandra Cecílio
3738 Intimacy: Wrapping and Exhibiting in Psychanalysis and Art Intimität: Verhüllen und Zeigen in Psychoanalyse und Kunst Intimidad: Ocultar y Mostrar en la Psicoanalisi y en el Arte. Poster Andreas Bilger
4236 Intimidating intimacy: thoughts on Esther Bick model of infant observation Poster Ana Melícias
4215 Investigación observacional en Primera Infancia: Regulación-autorregulación afectiva, simbolización y variables parentales. Poster Juan Laplacette
3780 Investigación: Prevalencia de depresión prenatal en mujeres embarazadas Poster Elsa Wolfberg
3655 L?expérience de la solitude et l?espace de l?intimité chez les femmes en situation d?itinérance Poster Anne-Marie Emard
4318 La intimidad con experiencia en películas de terror: un estudio de caso Poster Lilian Costa
4309 La intimidad y de la atención recibida por el padre de mujeres con trastornos alimenticios Poster Lilian Costa
3864 Neurobiological foundations of psychoanalysis: from Freud's Project to Edelman?s Neural Darwinism Poster Carlos Lyra
3941 Observación Psicoanalítica de Bebés :relación privilegiada de intimidad entre mamá-bebé, observador-grupo Poster Mar? Saiz de Finzi
4024 Psicoanalisis e interdisciplina. Diagnósticos vinculares en ámbitos escolares y jurídico Poster Esther Romano
4429 Respite from Things Human?  Poster Carla Souza
4349 The Eros, The Thanatos and Suicidal Terrorism Poster Ahmed Albassam
4078 The impact of parental invalidation on children mental health Poster Paulo Ferrajão
4025 Women's Attendance Centre: 10 years of psychoanalytical psychotherapy with women victims of domestic violence Poster Maria Bibas
3764 45 years: approaches to couple and intimacy through the film Small Discussion Group M?nica Vorchheimer
3802 A Pair of One Small Discussion Group Teresa Canal Meyer
3940 Acepciones de la intimidad en Psicoanálisis. Consideraciones teórico-clinicas Small Discussion Group Luis Minuchin
4054 Ambiguities in the Bonds between Women Small Discussion Group Melinda Gellman
4452 Connecting Communities: Animating Psychoanalysis as a Bridge to Supporting Neighborhoods and Mental Health Small Discussion Group Danielle Dronet
4124 De la intimidad de la "Cesura" a la "Transformación". Small Discussion Group Francisco Ruiz
4058 El malestar en la cultura en tiempos modernos: retos en la clínica con adolescentes Small Discussion Group Luz María Peniche Soto
4472 El origen de la intimidad y la intimidad del origen: como se construye el espacio mental de intimidad? Small Discussion Group Maria Vasconcellos
4085 Identifications, Rivalries and Boundaries: Oedipus in the Intimacy of a psychoanalytic institution Small Discussion Group Abel Fainstein
4443 Intimacy and adoption:Thoughts on adopted young children, adolescent, young adults Small Discussion Group Simonetta Nissim
3590 Intimacy and Enactment Small Discussion Group Sérgio Lewkowicz
4132 Intimacy and Privacy in the Screen ? Oxymoron or Opportunity? Remote analysis or ?screen relations? in psychoanalysis in the Chinese context. Small Discussion Group Alf Gerlach
4267 Intimacy and the Internet - Incommensurable? Small Discussion Group Barbara Stimmel
4384 Intimacy as illusion/disillusion of sameness Small Discussion Group Talia Fruhauf
4353 Intimacy of the hour: The impact of the patient on the analyst Small Discussion Group Robin Deutsch
3851 Intimacy Situations in Parent Infant Psychotherapy - Breast Feeding Small Discussion Group Christiane Ludwig-Körner
4130 Intimacy within groups of analysts in training and working peer groups: the possible or impossible scenarios Small Discussion Group Luisa Marino
4001 Intimidad Analítica, Injerencia Institucional Small Discussion Group Maria Cristina Fulco
4367 La intimidad en procesos de filiación: adopción y fertilización asistida. Small Discussion Group Claudia Bregazzi de Quiroga
4237 Les pères actuels: du côté de l'intime. Small Discussion Group Audrey Burtey
3722 L'intimité avec nos patients viendrait-elle soulager notre corps, notre c'ur et notre âme ? Quelle place cette intimité professionnelle prend-t-elle dans notre économie psychique ? Small Discussion Group Dominique Colpé
3766 Nuevas configuraciones familiares - Vínculos e intimidades Small Discussion Group Eva Rotenberg
4051 Obstacles to Intimacy: Ghosts & Demons in the Consulting Room and Beyond Small Discussion Group Margery Kalb
4088 Perversions of Intimacy in the Treatment of the Suicidal Patient Small Discussion Group Mark Goldblatt
3805 Texting, Sexting, Skyping and the Search for Intimacy Small Discussion Group Leah Slivko
4381 The intimacy of the analytic relationship as the curative space of narration of traumatic experience in child analysis Small Discussion Group Angelika Staehle
4299 Transexualidades Small Discussion Group Aída Roitman de Fainstein
3957 Truthfulness and intimacy in psychoanalytical organisations Small Discussion Group Frances Thomson-Salo
3679 When west meets east: Teaching psychoanalytic infant observation in a different culture? mutual transformations. Small Discussion Group Nydia Lisman-Pieczanski
3716 Workshop on writing a psychoanalytic paper for publication Small Discussion Group Dana Birksted-Breen
4142 Wounds of history: Repair and Resilience in the Trans-generational Transmission of Trauma. Trans-generational trauma and the other: Dialogues Across History and Difference Small Discussion Group Jill Salberg



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