Awards and Prizes - Entries Closed

The IPA makes a number of awards at its biennial Congress. The following awards and prizes are scheduled to be given in July 2017 in Buenos Aires. If you wish to enter for an Award or Prize, please ensure that your submission is completed in time as those received after the deadline will not be considered.

Elise M. Hayman Award for the Study of the Holocaust and Genocide

The Elise M. Hayman Award was initiated in 1989 by Dr Max Hayman in memory of his wife, Elise. The award is made biennially for the most cogent, relevant and commendable work on the Holocaust and genocide, current or historical.

Psychoanalytic Training Today Award

In 2002, the IPA Education Committee set up this award to recognize the best paper on the study and development of psychoanalytic training models.

Tyson Prize

This prize, funded by Dr Robert L Tyson, dates from 2005. Three finalists, one from each region, are chosen and the winner is awarded the Tyson Prize ($500; $250 is awarded to each of the runners-up). The finalists will be invited to present their papers as part of a dedicated panel at the Congress.

The Elizabeth Young-Bruehl Prejudice Award

Purpose: To increase awareness of the need to develop understanding of prejudice of various kinds within psychoanalysis and to honour the work of Dr. Elizabeth Young-Bruehl. Among other books, she wrote “The Anatomy of Prejudice” 1996, which addressed four kinds of prejudice. Her most recent book written just prior to her sudden and untimely death in 2011 was about another kind of prejudice “Childism”.

Psychoanalytic Research Exceptional Contribution Awards

The Research Committee of the IPA has set up an open biennial competition for the four best psychoanalytic research papers/posters to be submitted for consideration for this Award. The competition is not restricted to empirical studies, however the submissions are expected to report the results of systematic investigation of relevance to psychoanalysis. They may be in any field where psychoanalysis is relevant, such as the history of science, law, art, etc.

The Hayman Prize for Published Work Pertaining to Traumatized Children and Adults

This award, funded by Dr Hayman, was set up in 1997. The effects of the Holocaust on adult survivors have also had a significant impact on the development of their children. The effects on children who were themselves interned in the camps have been less studied and the same is true for those children’s children.

Sacerdoti Prize

This prize, funded by Cesare Sacerdoti, previously of Karnac Books, dates from 1987. This prize is for the best individual paper by a relatively young author (under 50 years old on 25 July 2017) who is presenting at an international Congress for the first time.