Asia-Pacific Conference Programme Committee

The Chair and members of the PC are appointed by the President in consultation with the ING Chair.

The Committee will consist of the Chair, 10 members and 2 consultants representing societies and groups within the Asia-Pacific region and representatives from the 3 IPA regions who have close connections to it.

There will also be a member of IPSO.The IPSO member is a full voting member of the PC and his/her expenses are funded by the IPA on the same terms as other PC members.

The President may additionally propose other members of the PC.

All appointments to the Committee will be made in the typical manner (ie. by the President in consultation with (and subject to approval by) the Board).

The PC is specifically responsible for

  1. Making recommendations to the President on the principal speaker/s at the opening ceremony.
  2. Making recommendations for additional people to support the PC, such as scientific advisers and assistants to the PC members, who could be appointed by the President, in consultation, if necessary, with the Board.
  3. Deciding on the keynote speakers in consultation with the Vice President. Issuing speaker invitations (or in some cases requesting the President to do so).
  4. Scheduling the Conference sessions.
  5. In relation to public relations and the promotion of the Conference, taking the following actions: identifying those themes and sessions which may be helpful in the promotion of the Congress; liaising with the LAC and the Broomhills staff to ensure adequate promotion of the conference both within the IPA, and to the general public.
  6. Liaising with the LAC.
  7. Submitting the report of the conference to the Executive Committee and the Board.


The Committee's term will normally run for the year preceding the Asia-Pacific IPA conference.

Approved by the Board July 2016

Full NamePositionTerm StartTerm End
Mr. Ming_Min YangChair22/08/201631/05/2017147192
Dr. Timothy Shaun KeoghMember22/08/201631/05/2017148966
Dr. Sun Ju ChungMember22/08/201631/05/2017149531
Prof. Dr. YunPing YangMember22/08/201631/05/2017154992
Mrs. Minnie K. DasturMember22/08/201631/05/2017101857
Dr. Kunihiro MatsukiMember22/08/201631/05/2017105281
Dra. Clara Rosa Nemas de UrmanMember22/08/201631/05/2017105791
Dr. Randi E. WirthMember22/08/201631/05/2017143453
Dr. Psych. Myounghwan ChoiIPSO Representative22/08/201631/05/2017146253
Mrs. Karina GutierrezEx-Officio22/08/201631/05/2017145634
Liling LinConsultant22/08/201631/05/2017162833
Dr. Jen-yu ChouConsultant22/08/201631/05/2017147106