Board of Representatives

Taken from the IPA's Procedural Code document 'Role of the Board of Representatives and link Responsibilities.

This document outlines the role of Board members and the link responsibilities of Representatives in relation to IPA Constituent Organisations.

IPA Rules

The formal role of the Board is defined in the IPA Rules as follows:

Rule 7, Section A(2) reads: "Operating Rules. The Board adopts and modifies IPA Criteria and establishes rules, procedures and policies for its, and the IPA’s, operations, all of which must be consistent with these Rules, and any Binding Resolutions adopted by IPA Members."

Part of Rule 7, Section A(8) reads: "Responsibilities of Representatives. Subject to Board-adopted procedures, which shall appear in the Procedural Code, each Representative shall perform duties assigned or delegated by the President or the Board, including reporting to IPA Members and Constituent Organizations in the Representative’s Geographical Area."

Part of Rule 7, Section B(2) reads: "The Board, at its next meeting, shall review Executive Committee minutes and may modify, reject or ratify any Executive Committee action."

General responsibilities

In accordance with Rule 7, Section A(8), the Board has adopted the following general responsibilities for its members:

a) to promote the IPA's mission to assure the continued vigour and development of psychoanalysis in all appropriate ways by formulating and reviewing the mission, policies and strategic objectives of the IPA.

b) to uphold the IPA Rules, Procedural Code and policies of the IPA;

c) to attend Board meetings and the Business Meetings and actively engage on IPA issues between Board meetings by monitoring emails, responding to requests and information from the Executive Committee, and by keeping the Executive Committee informed on any issues which seem appropriate;

d) to act as an ambassador for the IPA in any appropriate psychoanalytic or other occasions (whether related to IPA Constituent Organisations or otherwise), to explain IPA policy and receive views on it;

e) to carry out link responsibilities with Constituent Organisations and Members as defined below.

Link responsibilities

The list of allocated link responsiblities for each current Board member can be found in the Procedural Code document: 'Role of Board Members and Link Responsibilities'.

The Board has adopted the following general responsibilities in relation to links with IPA Constituent Organisations.

a) to form channels of communication principally with the executives, but also through Members where possible, of Constituent Organisations in order to transmit information about the IPA and receive views from them on IPA related issues;

b) to explain IPA policy, to encourage debate on it, such as issues to do with education, and to act as a conduit for ensuring the Board receives comments on these issues, so that the formulation of IPA policy is strongly influenced by the views of its Constituent Organisations;

c) to brief Constituent Organisations prior to Board meetings and receive views, and to inform them of the outcome of Board meetings;

d) to encourage Constituent Organisations to participate in IPA activities and projects, such as the DPPT and CAPSA programmes, and provide information and advice on such matters.

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Dr. Stefano BologniniChair01/08/201301/08/2017100918
Mrs. Alexandra BillinghurstVice President01/08/201301/08/2017143259
Dr. Andrew BrookTreasurer23/07/201501/08/2017101111
Dra. Virginia R. UngarPresident-Elect23/07/201501/08/2017108297
Dr. Sergio Eduardo NickVice President-Elect23/07/201501/08/2017105833
Dr. Álvaro NinMember23/07/201501/08/2017105853
Dr. Jack NovickMember01/08/201301/08/2017105891
Arlene Kramer RichardsMember01/08/201301/08/2017106690
Dr. Claudio RossiMember23/07/201501/08/2017106920
Dr. Jonathan SklarMember23/07/201501/08/2017107662
Prof. Dr. Martin TeisingMember23/07/201501/08/2017108083
Dr. Nicolas de CoulonMember01/08/201301/08/2017109812
Dra. Ruth Axelrod PraesMember01/08/201301/08/2017139679
Dr. Giovanni Battista ForestiMember23/07/201501/08/2017140135
Mira Erlich-GinorMember23/07/201501/08/2017102290
Dr. Abel Mario FainsteinMember23/07/201501/08/2017102356
Dr. Martin GauthierMember23/07/201501/08/2017102880
Dr. Beth I. KalishMember23/07/201501/08/2017104047
Dr. Lewis Allen KirshnerMember23/07/201501/08/2017104238
Dr. Sérgio LewkowiczMember23/07/201501/08/2017104817