Candidates Loan Panel

Summary Mandate

The Panel is asked:

  1. To propose improvements to the loans procedures (below) each year on the basis of experience, and to seek Executive Committee agreement for any changes to procedures approved by the Board.

  2. To advertise the availability of the loans.

  3. To select recipients for the loans on the basis of 'financial hardship' using the funds available at the closing date chosen.

  4. To ensure that any donors are informed of the outcomes (but not the identity of recipients).

  5. To ensure as much confidentiality as is practicable to the recipients of the loans.

  6. To encourage the membership to make further donations to the fund in partnership with the Committee on Resource Development.

Please go here for a full version of the Candidate Loan Panel Mandate.

Full NamePosition
Dr. Lynne K. MoritzChair
Dr. Psych. Deisy Cristina BoscánMember
Lic. María Paz de la PuenteMember
Dr. Sharon Francis HarrisonMember
Dr.ssa. Paola FreerMember
Dr. Ma. Dolores Montilla BravoMember
Frau Eva Maria ReicheltMember