Analytic Practice & Scientific Activities Committee (CAPSA)

CAPSA will work in close collaboration with the Board of Representatives.

Its activities will be organized in order to fulfil the first objective of the IPA administration "to encourage the development and improvement of good analytic practice". This will be achieved through the organization of a comprehensive and coordinated funding programme focused on the psychoanalytic work of members and candidates.

The procedures to be followed by the Committee are outlined in the Resource Document. The Document outlines procedures for inviting proposals, the timetable for submitting proposals and announcing outcomes, methods of assessing proposals, how funds will be provided and other requirements.

Each Society or a group of Societies from the same region, or the regional body, or IPA Committees such as COCAP, or study groups and provisional societies may apply for support for a project, suggesting names of analysts from one or both of the two other regions who will be invited. Activities will include some combination of lectures, case discussions, supervisions, meetings with training boards and candidates, and presentations of his/her own practice. Another possibility is to organize regional clinical meetings.

Language will not be a barrier to such exchanges. Proposals may be for exchanges in a number of languages. Where appropriate, CAPSA will entertain applications for funding to support translation.

CAPSA will cover travel expenses including ground travel but not hotel or subsistence costs, which should be covered by the applicant. CAPSA may also fund minor expenses such as those associated with publicising the event. CAPSA will not fund fees or honoraria; presenting under this programme is considered a service to colleagues. CAPSA will be funded on a year-by-year basis and must present a budget each year and have it approved.

Approved by the Board by e.mail September 2005.

Amended by the Board, based on proposals from the CAPSA Committee, July 2012.

Full NamePositionTerm StartTerm End
Dr. Jonathan SklarChair25/11/201301/09/2017107662
Denny PanitzCo-Chair25/11/201301/09/2017142863
Dr. Theodore J. JacobsCo-Chair25/11/201301/09/2017103886
Dra. Elsa Rappoport de AisembergCo-Chair05/08/201301/08/2017106566
Judi KobrickMember04/08/201401/09/2017104316
Lic. Clara UriarteMember25/11/201301/09/2017108301
Bérengère de SenarclensMember25/11/201301/09/2017109331
Dr. Andrew BrookConsultant25/11/201301/09/2017101111