China Committee

Summary Mandate

The purpose of the Committee will be to advertise the possibility of training as an IPA psychoanalyst; providing advice to those interested in training; creating a curriculum for training; setting up a system of admission and progress evaluation for candidates; and developing an ongoing research reflection into the problems encountered and their solutions.

Please go here for a full version of the China Committee Mandate.

Approved by the Board July 2008

Full NamePositionTerm StartTerm End
Dra. Clara Rosa Nemas de UrmanVice Chair for Admissions & Progressions25/11/201301/09/2017105791
Dr. phil. Sverre VarvinChair05/08/201301/08/2017108381
Priv. Doz. Dr. med. Alf GerlachCo-Chair30/11/200701/08/2017102924
Mrs. Minnie K. DasturMember13/07/201501/09/2017101857
Dra. Clara Rosa Nemas de UrmanMember12/04/201101/08/2017105791
Prof. Dr. Dr. Jeffrey PragerMember04/11/201415/08/2017140226
Mrs. Madeleine BachnerMember25/11/201301/09/2017141614
Dr. Rebecca A. MairMember04/08/201401/09/2017149332
Dr. Tao LinMember01/08/201201/08/2017154993
Dr. Qian WangConsultant22/12/201615/08/2017154994
Prof. Univ. Yiling LiuConsultant22/12/201615/08/2017154996
Dr. phil., Dipl. Psych. Tomas PlänkersConsultant28/01/201415/08/2017106351
Prof. Dr. YunPing YangConsultant22/12/201615/08/2017154992
Prof. Dr. Dr. Peter J. LoewenbergConsultant05/08/201301/08/2017104927