Communications Advisory Board

The Communications Advisory Board will focus exclusively as a think tank and producer of content for the communication with IPA Members and non-IPA Members, considering such diverse channels as publishing, advertising, broadcasting and other media and developing “stories” which will deliver the most impact on target audiences.

The Board will work particularly closely with the Website Editorial Board, contributing to web features and activities which will support the committee's work and which would be accessible to the different target groups. Moreover, the Board will support the membership so that they are better equipped to promote psychoanalysis in their own countries and regions. To that end, they will concentrate on developing an appropriate range of tools which would help IPA Members, including, for example, the possibility of offering media training courses during the IPA's congresses; sharing examples of "best practice" from around the world; developing inspiring tools which help to support the case for psychoanalysis.

The Board will also work closely with a wide range of other IPA experts and committees, including WHO, UN, Mental Health Field, Law, Culture, and others.

The Communications Advisory Board will:

  • consult with the Website Editirial Board, and Social Media and Wiki Committees to support them in the development of their content;
  • collaborate with the Head of Communications on identifying newsworthy content and writing press releases;
  • work closely with the Website Editorial Board on developing content for future use on the IPA website;
  • contribute to the Resource Library;
  • contribute content to the eNewsletter;
  • assist with the production of visual content, including videos that will make people want to know more about psychoanalysis;
  • digest the work and recommendations of the Image Task Force, taking on board their conclusions and adding to the initial findings if and when appropriate;
  • function as a resource of knowledge across the whole of the IPA.


The Communications Advisory Board shall consist of a Chair, plus two representatives from each region; the Vice President, Executive Director and Head of Communications shall be an ex officio Member. The Communications Advisory Board composition also should include IPSO Members, ideally one from each region as it is felt that this activity would benefit from more IPSO input. The Communications Advisory Board may appoint as Consultants such other Members of related committees as it wishes (Consultants will not be funded to attend in-person meetings).

Way of working

The Communications Advisory Board will be expected to do most of its work electronically, using Skype, GoToMeeting, or other free-to-use communication systems. While a staff member may be allocated to provide some professional support to the task force in the implementation of their work, the task force, like all IPA committees, will be expected to be self-supporting for secretarial and other purposes.

Approved by the Board August 2016

Change to committee name approved December 2016

Full NamePosition
Psic. Andrea Paola Escobar AltareMember
Dr. Nisha Navayan ShahIPSO Representative
Leonardo Siqueira AraújoIPSO Representative