Congress Local Arrangements (LAC) Sub-committee


The President/s of any local IPA Constituent Organisations will be designated as the "hosts" of the Congress, if they so wish, and they shall be represented on the Local Arrangements Committee (LAC). They may ask the Chair of the LAC to act as the Congress "host" on their behalf.

The Chair of the Local Arrangements Committee (LAC) is appointed by the President in consultation with the Board, and the President/s of any local IPA Constitutent Organisations. The other members of the LAC are appointed by the President on the advice of the Chairs of the PC and the LAC, and the Presidents of any local IPA Constituent Organisations.

The LAC has no limits on the number of its members.

The LAC for each Congress is a sub-committee of the Congress Programme Committee (PC). Significant decisions of the LAC need to be referred to the PC. The Chair of the LAC is an ex officio member of the PC, and may be invited by the PC Chair to attend certain meetings of the PC.

The budget for LAC activities shall be approved by the Board as part of their consideration of the overall budget for the Congress.

The overall objective of the LAC is to assist the PC with Congress arrangements related to the scientific and social aspects of the Congress for which local knowledge is needed or is an asset. The Chair of the LAC is expected to liaise closely with the Events Manager who has responsibility for overall Congress finances, administration and organisation.

In supporting the PC, the LAC is specifically responsible for:

  1. Representing the views and ideas of any local IPA Constituent Organisations to the PC and to the IPA.
  2. Assisting in the public promotion of the Congress by: advising the PC, and IPA staff on the promotion of the Congress within the town and country where it is held; and contributing to such promotion as agreed, possibly in co-operation with the Presidents of local IPA Constituent Organisations.
  3. Identifying and, if appropriate, approaching potential sponsors to offer them various opportunities (defined in liaison with IPA staff) to promote their goods or services to delegates, unless a separate sub-committee is appointed to handle Congress sponsorship.
  4. Identifying and recommending a short list of Gala Dinner venues to the Vice President. Note: All costs, profits and risks of the Gala Dinner may be borne by the LAC if they are willing to take on this responsibility. If so, income generated from ticket sales is passed to the IPA Society designated by the LAC as the body to receive funds after the Congress, less the costs of mounting the event. If the LAC is not willing to take on this responsibility, it will be managed and the risks covered by the IPA.
  5. Recommending to the Vice President and, if approved, organizing other social activities.
  6. Advising on places of interest for participants to visit, tours, restaurants, accommodation, museums, concert halls and theatres, additional Congress venues if required, and providers of services for the Congress. Liaising with the PCO and IPA staff to make appropriate arrangements to allow participants to book tours and cultural activities on-line and by telephone.
  7. Advising the Vice President and the PC on any other issues where local knowledge and experience is important.
  8. Assisting with local negotiations if required.
  9. Making any recommendations to the PC, the Vice President or IPA staff which may enhance the overall outcomes of the Congress.

    The Committee's term will normally run for the two year's preceding an IPA Congress.


The Sub Committee reports to the Programme Committee.

Approved March 2007

Revisions approved June 2016.

Removal of the term "Broomhills", March 2017

Full NamePosition
Dr. Anastasia ApostolouIPSO Representative
Mr. Noel HessMember
Mrs. Judith JacksonMember
Mrs. Astra Kook TemkoMember
Fotini RobertsMember
Dr. Anne R. ZacharyMember
Mrs. Karina GutierrezEx-Officio