Congress Programme Committee


The Chair and members of the PC are appointed by the President in consultation with the Board. They are normally appointed prior to the Congress which takes place before the one for which they are appointed, so that they may observe, consult and learn from the previous Congress PC.

The Committee will normally consist of the Chair and three co-chairs, one from each IPA region, with all four selected so that all four IPA languages are represented. Alternatively the President may decide that the Chair may also cover the work of the co-chair in his or her region, provided that all four languages can still be represented. There shall not be more than two IPA Members from the same region, but there are normally two IPA Members from the region of the Chair. There shall also be a member of IPSO from the region where the Congress is to be held, proposed by the IPSO President. In recognition that the previously separate IPA Congress and the IPSO Congress are now merged and have equal status, the IPSO member is a full voting member of the PC, and his/her expenses are funded by the IPA on the same terms as other PC members. The President may additionally propose other members of the PC.

The PC is specifically responsible for:

  1. Making recommendations on the theme of the Congress to the President.
  2. Making recommendations on budgetary issues to the Treasurer.
  3. Making recommendations to the President on the principal speaker/s at the opening ceremony.
  4. Making recommendations for additional people to support the PC, such as scientific advisers and assistants to the PC members, who could be appointed by the President, in consultation, if necessary, with the Board.
  5. Deciding on the keynote speakers in consultation with theVice President.
  6. Issuing the Call for Proposals for papers, panels, courses, posters, discussion groups, etc.
  7. Determining the assessment criteria and appointing readers to assess the proposals. (Readers are not informed of the authors of the papers they are asked to assess.)
  8. Developing specific proposals themselves.
  9. Making decisions on all proposals on the advice from the readers.
  10. Appointing the Committee to judge the winner of the Elise M Hayman Award for the Study of the Holocaust and Genocide; selecting the winners of the Sacerdoti Prize.
  11. Issuing speaker invitations (or in some cases requesting the President to do so).
  12. Scheduling the Congress sessions, taking particular account of those which will be covered by simultaneous interpretation. Where sessions are not covered by simultaneous interpretation, taking care to appoint session chairs and discussants who are familiar with the language of the speaker/s.
  13. In relation to public relations and the promotion of the Congress, taking the following actions: identifying those themes and sessions which may be helpful in the promotion of the Congress; liaising with the LAC and the Broomhills staff to ensure adequate promotion of the Congress both within the IPA, and to the general public, particularly in the country where the Congress is held.
  14. Liaising with the LAC.
  15. Submitting the report of the Congress to the Executive Committee and the Board.


The Committee's term will normally run for the two year's preceding an IPA Congress.

Approved March 2007

Revisions approved June 2016.

Full NamePositionTerm StartTerm End
Dr. Maureen Anne MurphyChair03/02/201501/08/2017144999
Dr. med. Alfonso PolaCo-Chair15/05/201501/08/2017106377
Ronnie M. ShawCo-Chair15/05/201501/08/2017109465
Dr. med. Pedro Gil CorbachoCo-Chair15/05/201501/08/2017143362
Ms. Isabel Ugarte da SilveiraIPSO Representative15/05/201501/08/2017159272
Mrs. Karina GutierrezEx-Officio01/08/2015 145634
Mr. Paul CrakeEx-Officio01/11/2011 157979
Dr. Stefano BologniniEx-Officio01/08/201301/08/2017100918
Mrs. Alexandra BillinghurstEx-Officio01/08/201301/08/2017143259