IPA and Constituent Organizations Task Force

IPA and Constituent Organizations Task Force


  1. The reorganization of the relationship between the IPA and the Constituent Organizations (which implies a general revision of the social and institutional structure of the IPA) will be a long-term project with implications for the constitutional bylaws and requiring extensive cooperation with the constituent organizations.
  2. The Task Force has only a "short-term" role. It is a preliminary and exploratory project (a pre-project). It should carry out deepened clarification of the problems and make proposals which points must be solved and what changes /supplements are necessary. This implies:
    1. A clarification of the relationship between the IPA as an international association of members and the Constituent Organizations (Societies)
    2. Clarify the position (the place) that the Constituent Organizations could (and should) have in the organizational structure of the IPA
    3. Explore the problems and possibilities, and develop solutions, in partnership with both the constituent organisations and the regional organisations (EPF, FEPAL, NAPsaC, these three as federations of IPA societies, and APsaA as the sole regional association)
    4. Suggest changes to (or supplements to) the Constitution and Bylaws of the IPA, to clarify and improve the relationship between the IPA and the Constituent Organizations
    5. Make a final report to the Board of the work done and any recommendations
  3. To ensure the long-term continuity of the project over the change of the Administration, after Boston the new IPA President-Elect, the new Board and the new Executive Committee should be involved in the discussions and decisions (nomination of the Task Force; Appointment of the members etc.).

Time frame for Task Force: 1 year (with the possibility to extend the mandate for one further year)


It is proposed that the Task Force should consist of a Chair, plus one Member from each of the three regions. The Executive Director (or his deputy) should be secretary to the Task Force, and provide governance or legal advice as necessary.


While the majority of the work of the Task Force will be carried out electronically, a budget for one face-to-face meeting during 2015 should be agreed: assume a European meeting (3 x Europeans, 1 x NA, 1 x LA)

Board approved July 2015

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