Early Congress Planning Task Force

Early Congress Planning Task Force Mandate

The IPA's Rules require the Board to make proper plans for future Congresses. The Board does this by establishing a Task Force on Early Congress Planning, and a previous Board has already agreed the following outline timetable:

  • Congress: 2019 (EUR), Start choosing venue: 2nd half 2015. Make decision: January 2016
  • Congress: 2021 (NA), Start choosing venue: 1st half of 2016. Make decision: July 2016
  • Congress: 2023 (LA), Start choosing venue: 2nd half 2019. Make decision: January 2020
  • Congress: 2025 (EUR), Start choosing venue: 1st half of 2020. Make decision: July 2020


It is proposed that the Task Force shall consist of:

  • the President-elect (ex-officio);

  • the Vice President-elect (ex-officio)

  • the Treasurer (ex-officio)

  • the Executive Director, as Secretary (ex officio)

The following will be ex officio consultants:

  • the President;

  • the Vice President.

The Task Force may appoint a range of other consultants at its own discretion including (but not limited to):

  • Members of previous Congress Scientific Programme Committees

  • Where one of the regions is not represented on the Task Force, further members from those regions

  • a representative from IPSO

  • any other Members who seem to the Task Force to have relevant specific experience relating to congresses or scientific meetings

In line with normal IPA rules, the expenses of consultants to attend meetings or site visits will not be reimbursed.


The Task Force will:

  • if it wishes to do so, at any time make recommendations to the Board on the scale, scope and format of IPA Congresses;

  • invite component societies in the relevant regions to propose possible venues for the IPA Congresses in 2019 and 2021;

  • compile a shortlist, using such criteria as the Task Force may develop, from both the proposals made by component societies and any other venues the Task Force considers appropriate;

  • undertake a Site Visit of the shortlisted venues, and make such preliminary bookings as they may consider appropriate in order to secure venues until a Board decision can be made;

  • make recommendations to the Board as to which venues should be chosen for 2019 and 2021.


The costs for 2015 will relate to the selection of a European venue for 2019 (the costs for the 2021 Congress will be in the 2016 financial year, and will be subject to a budget proposal as part of the normal budget process).

With the Task Force membership set out above, Site Visits to Europe will involve 2x Latin American, 1x North American and 1x European. Assuming three cities are assessed (each city in a different country), this would require the following expenditure for 2015:

  • Air travel to Europe: US$7,000

  • Air travel within Europe (assume 3 cities): US$4,000

  • Ground travel: US$1,600

  • Hotel & per diem @ 450: US$10,800

  • Total budget US$23,400

Revised mandate Board approved July 2015

Full NamePositionTerm StartTerm End
Dr. Andrew BrookEx-Officio27/07/201501/08/2017101111
Dr. Sergio Eduardo NickEx-Officio27/07/201501/08/2017105833
Dra. Virginia R. UngarEx-Officio27/07/201501/08/2017108297
Mr. Paul CrakeEx-Officio04/08/201101/08/2017157979
Dr. Stefano BologniniConsultant27/07/201501/08/2017100918
Mrs. Alexandra BillinghurstConsultant27/07/201501/08/2017143259