History of Psychoanalysis Committee



While various individuals across the three regions are studying the history of psychoanalysis, these efforts are for the most part discrete and unconnected with one another. The History of Psychoanalysis Committee is envisioned as a means to bring these efforts into dialogue and to enhance inter-regional collaboration among IPA analysts.


  1. To review the completed (and on-going) work in this area and to consider how it can be better integrated in the future.
  2. To foster contact and dialogue among researchers working on the history of psychoanalysis.
  3. To plan and promote joint, inter-regional conferences on the history of psychoanalysis, and to propose activities on this topic at IPA congresses.

Ways of working and reporting

The History of Psychoanalysis Committee will be expected to do most of its work electronically, using Skype, GoToMeeting, or other free-to-use communication systems. The committee, like all IPA committees, will be expected to be self-supporting for secretarial and other purposes. Any face-to-face meetings should take place, so far as possible, adjacent to IPA or regional congresses. The Chair of the Committee will provide a written report to the Board at least annually.


This is a permanent committee. Members will normally be appointed with an expectation that they will serve a six year term. The members of the Committee will be appointed in the usual way, by the President of the IPA and with the consent of the Board of Representatives.

Composition of the committee

The Committee will consist of a Chair, plus two members from each Region. The Committee may appoint as Consultants such other Members of related committees as it wishes (Consultants will not be funded to attend in-person meetings).


The Committee will propose a budget during the annual IPA budget cycle. They will have access to the web and email support services offered by Broomhills.

Board approved July 2015

Full NamePositionTerm StartTerm End
Arzt Ludger M. HermannsChair18/02/201615/08/2017103593
Dr. Nicolas GougoulisMember18/02/201615/08/2017140256
Dra. Alda Regina Dorneles De OliveiraMember18/02/201615/08/2017140769
Univ. Prof. Dr. Eveline ListMember22/04/201615/08/2017141632
Dr. Carlos Alejandro MaffiMember18/02/201615/08/2017157607
Dr. phil. Orna OphirMember18/02/201615/08/2017157704
Prof. Louis RoseMember22/04/201615/08/2017164420
Dr. Daniel Stephen BenvenisteConsultant22/04/201615/08/2017149843
Dr. med. Marco ConciConsultant22/04/201615/08/2017154235