Latin American Psychoanalytic Institute (ILAP)

ILAP shall fulfil two functions:

It shall select, train, teach and recommend qualified candidates for Direct Membership within the IPA in those countries and locations in Latin America where no IPA accredited training institutes exist to fulfil these functions. It is assumed that graduates of ILAP, who then may become Direct Members of the IPA, will join Study Groups or Provisional Societies that will eventually progress to the status of IPA Component Societies in the usual fashion.

ILAP will also be responsible for organising extension activities through which it will diffuse knowledge of psychoanalysis, including its basic methodology and training purposes, among which the mental health professions, academia and clinics and others which are deemed adequate, in those areas where the creation of IPA accredited training institutes is not yet possible.

The IPA and FEPAL are in agreement that, due to the experimental nature of ILAP, it should be based on a permanent evaluation and follow up, seeking to innovate to provide personal analytic experience and supervision in the long term. It will do this under conditions that are strictly monitored and reported, with special relevance to the evaluation of success or failure, and the consequences of these methods of learning.

ILAP's responsibility in relation to its candidates will terminate on their graduation and their subsequent recommendation for direct membership of the IPA as approved by the IPA Board. From that moment, the responsibility for their subsequent development will fall upon the IPA's International New Groups Committee.

However, if the Direct Members (or Study Groups or Provisional Societies of which they subsequently become members) request it, and the IPA's International New Groups and the Sponsoring and/or Liaison Committees and ILAP agree, these Direct Members or Study Groups or Provisional Societies may continue to have a relationship with ILAP. The nature of such a relationship shall be agreed between the Board of ILAP, the IPA's International New Groups Committee and the Sponsoring or Liaison Committees of the related Study Group or Provisional Society.

The Institute shall operate according to current and any subsequently adopted IPA criteria for the training, teaching and recommendation of candidates to become IPA Direct Members. In doing this, it shall aim to offer a set of consistent criteria for its candidates while taking account of and being informed about the various different methodologies for training currently existing within the IPA, especially within the Latin American region.

The evaluation and follow-up will centre upon, explore and inform its efforts to train competent analysts. This will require a clear description of the different components of the training system and its expected results, and an effort to explore the results in comparison with other methods of training.

Full NamePosition
Dra. María Teresa CalabreseAssociate Director of Outreach Teaching Section
Dr. Alceu Roberto CassebAssociate Director of The Training Section
Sra. Ernestina CorvalánAssociate Director of Research Section
Lic. Marga Stahr SamanezAssociate Director of The Training Section
Mtra. Olga Varela TelloDirector