IPA/IPSO Relations Committee

This Committee on IPA-IPSO relations shall be comprised of at least three IPA members representing all regions (at least one of whom shall be an IPA Board member and one of whom shall be Chair) and the members of the IPSO Executive Committee. The responsibilities of this Committee shall be to:

(a) Monitor any current arrangements, agreements, including any legal questions that may arise, and any of the recommendations that may be adopted from time to time;

(b) Take the initiative to communicate with Committee chairs with respect to their interest in having candidate participation with their committee, at IPSO's or the candidate's expense, unless otherwise provided;

(c) Administer the Tyson Prize according to established procedures;

(d) Continue to explore ways in which the IPA and IPSO can work together for the mutual benefit of both organizations and of the profession of psychoanalysis.

(e) Report to Council/Board not less than once a year on the status of IPA-IPSO relations.

The IPA members of this committee serve at the pleasure of the President and understand that their appointment terminates at the end of the then President's term. The IPSO members are the current officers of the IPSO Executive Committee.

Approved by the Board July 2007

Full NamePositionTerm StartTerm End
Dr. Dipl. Psych. Luisa MarinoChair25/11/201301/09/2017155456
Leonardo Siqueira AraújoMember20/06/201601/08/2017158570
Dott. Davide RossoMember20/06/201601/08/2017159425
Kathryn McCormickMember20/06/201601/08/2017159471
Psic. Marielle Kellermann BarbosaMember01/10/201401/08/2017159690
Lic. Silvia Adriana ResnizkyMember01/08/200901/08/2017106654
Dr. Francesco Castellet y BallaràMember01/08/200901/08/2017142910
Ms. Debra H. ZatzMember01/12/201101/08/2017153209
Dr. med. Holger HimmighoffenMember01/12/201101/08/2017153807
Dr. Maureen Anne MurphyConsultant15/01/201201/08/2017144999
Dr. Robert L. TysonConsultant01/11/200701/08/2017108283