Research Information Group


The IPA has a proud tradition of providing significant funding to support original research in psychoanalysis. Recognising the importance of ensuring open and constructive communication, the Board wishes to establish a Research Information Group ("RIG") to build bridges between the Board and the Research Committee.


The RIG should be provided in a timely way with all documents needed to be informed about the current research programme, projects, and ideas for future research work. The RIG's principal concern is to liaise with the Research Committee and to keep the Board informed about the Research Committee's activities.

Composition of the Research Information Group

The RIG will consist of 3 members of the IPA Board (one from each region).


RIG members will be appointed in the usual way, by the President of the IPA and with the consent of the Board of Representatives), and all will be considered to have resigned at a change of President unless specifically invited to continue.

Ways of working and reporting

The RIG will report to each meeting of the IPA Board, and may report whenever they wish to the Executive Committee or the officers. The RIG will be expected to do most of its work electronically, using Skype, GoToMeeting, or other free-to-use communication systems. The RIG, like all IPA committees, will be expected to be self-supporting for secretarial and other purposes.

Approved by the Board April 2016

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