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Liaison Committee Mandate

Appointment of a Liaison Committee and its mandate A Liaison Committee of an Interim Provisional Society or a Provisional Society will be appointed by the President with the consent of the Board and on advicefrom the Chair of ING either when the Board has approved an Interim Provisional Society or when the Business Meeting has approved a Provisional Society. The mandate for a Liaison Committee is:

  1. To continue to apply the IPA's Equivalency Procedures;
  2. To visit the Provisional Society at least once a year (or, if required, more frequently in the initial years in the case of Provisional Societies that were not previously IPA Study Groups);
  3. To monitor and evaluate all aspects of the Provisional Society's functioning;
  4. To require the Provisional Society to revise any of its governance documents, procedures, standards, criteria or activities where the Liaison Committee believes these fall short of IPA criteria, and to report to the Chair of ING in writing on each occasion it makes such a requirement;
  5. To recommend the Provisional Society for Component Society status at the appropriate time;
  6. To ensure that the Constitution and Bylaws of the Provisional Society include the authority to enable the Society to expel a member should the need arise.
  7. These functions are to be exercised by the Liaison Committee and may not be carried out by the Provisional Society.

Authority of the Provisional Society A Provisional Society is authorised to train and qualify persons for the practice of psychoanalysis and conduct all its own affairs.

Costs of Liaison Committees The Provisional Society will pay all the costs of the visits of the Liaison Committee (ie, travel, accommodation and subsistence) - in exceptional circumstances, the IPA's policy on Subsidies to Visiting Committees may be relevant. The IPA will cover the administrative costs such as telephone and secretarial costs in setting up the visits and in assisting the Provisional Society between visits as outlined in the IPA's financial procedures.

Reports of Liaison Committees The Chair of each Liaison Committee will prepare a report in English to the Chair of ING, copied to the regional Co-Chair and to Broomhills, following each visit (to be conducted at least once a year). The Chair of ING will consult the regional Co-Chair and summarise the reports of Liaison Committees at each of the IPA Board meetings, drawing the Board's attention to any matters of concern. The Chair of ING will inform ING and the Chairs of Liaison Committees of any Board comments or actions resulting from these reports. Copies of Liaison Committee reports and any related papers will be made available to Board members on request. The Chair of ING will inform the President immediately he or she receives Liaison Committee reports which give rise to matters of serious concern and not wait till the next Board meeting.

Copying of Liaison Committee reports Liaison Committee reports will not be copied to Provisional Societies. They may only be copied to the Board, ING, ING regional sub-committees and Broomhills unless there is a legal requirement to copy them to others. However, the Liaison Committee will inform the Provisional Society of the general contents of its reports (excluding confidential information on individuals) and discuss areas for improvement. The Liaison Committee will inform the Provisional Society that it does not have final authority regarding the Provisional Society, which lies ultimately with the Business Meeting. When in doubt, the Chair of the Liaison Committee should consult the regional ING Co-Chair.

Full NamePosition
Bérengère de SenarclensChair
Dr. Christian SeulinMember