Prejudice Award Task Force


In principal, the IPA Board has supported a proposal to create a special award to honour the memory and work of Elisabeth Young-Bruehl, and has asked that a more detailed proposal be prepared for consideration at a future Board meeting. This award would focus on psychoanalytic work broadly related to diversity and/or prejudice (including domains such as gender, sexuality, ethnicity, race, age, disability, etc). The Task Force will prepare the detailed proposal for the Board's consideration.


The Task Force is asked to specify:

  1. The exact name of the award.

  2. The purpose and rationale for the award.

  3. The prize that will be given (eg. medal, certificate, cash, etc).

  4. The criteria for eligibility and the process for submission.

  5. The method by which the winner will be selected.

  6. How the award will be announced and presented.

Ways of working and reporting

The Prejudice Award Task Force will be expected to do most of its work electronically, using Skype, GoToMeeting, or other free-to-use communication systems. The Task Force, like all IPA committees, will be expected to be self-supporting for secretarial and other purposes. Any face-to-face meetings should take place, so far as possible, adjacent to IPA or regional congresses.


This is a temporary task force and its final recommendations must be received by 15 April 2016, so that they may be considered at the June 2016 Board meeting. The members of the Task Force will be appointed in the usual way, by the President of the IPA and with the consent of the Board of Representatives.

Composition of the committee

The Task Force will consist of three members (one from each region), one of whom will serve as Chair. It is recommended that the Task Force also include the potential award endower as a Consultant.


This Task Force has been formed by the IPA Board of Representatives on the understanding that the members of the Task Force will carry out their work at no cost to the IPA, and that no budget is available to them and no expenses will be reimbursed. They will have access to the web and email support services offered by Broomhills.

Board approved January 2016

Full NamePositionTerm StartTerm End
Dr. Mary Kay O'NeilChair31/01/201615/08/2017105918
Dr. med. Gabriel SapisochinMember19/04/201615/08/2017109796
Dra. Julia BraunMember19/04/201615/08/2017101038
Christine DunbarConsultant19/04/201615/08/2017102151