Site Visit Committee - San Luis

Mandate of the Site Visit Committee is:

  1. To inform the applicant group of the IPA's standards, procedures and requirements from inception to eventual appointment as a Component Society, including the IPA's Rules and the relevant sections from the IPA's Procedural Code.
  2. To inform any affected or contiguous IPA Constituent Organisations of the application, to consult such Constituent Organisations if they so wish, and to report the views of such Constituent Organisations in the Site Visit report. (This requirement is subject to restrictions in the United States of America.)
  3. To inform the applicant group that, if appointed an IPA Study Group, it will be expected to pay all costs of the visits (at least twice a year) of the Sponsoring Committee itself, that is, travel, accommodation and subsistence and to assess the applicant group's financial status to ensure that these financial responsibilities are reasonable ones for the group to assume. The IPA will cover the administrative costs such as email, telephone, fax and secretarial costs in setting up the visits and in assisting the Study Group between visits.
  4. To review all the information provided by the group, to ensure that it is complete and accurate, including the Curriculum Vitae of any members of the applicant group who did not submit them for reasons explained above, and to ensure, at the end of the visit, that the group still wishes to proceed with its application.
  5. To assess any members of the applicant group, including those whose Curriculum Vitae were submitted with the application, under the IPA's Equivalency Procedures, and recommend to the Board such applicant group members as it considers appropriately qualified as IPA Direct Members.
  6. In the case of an application from a group which is already part of an IPA Constituent Organisation, to attempt to resolve the disagreements within the Constituent Organisation which have led to the application in order to avoid the sub-division of the Constituent Organisation into separate groups.
  7. To prepare a report covering each of the above issues and recommend to the Executive Committee and the Board whether or not the applicant group should be approved as an IPA Study Group (assuming that it will have sufficient IPA Members based on recommendations under the IPA's Equivalency Procedures if the required number does not currently exist).
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