Freudian Legacy Task Force


The IPA Freudian Legacy Task Force aims to catalogue the Freudian Legacy located in the IPA's Constituent Organizations, in museums, and in private collections. The Task Force will promote the link between archives, libraries, etc, with associations to (or materials about) Sigmund Freud, in order to map the extent of his legacy and make it easily accessible (and visible on the IPA website) to IPA members and the public.

The Task Force will also work to explore and understand the selection criteria for inclusion in the UNESCO World Heritage List and to determine the IPA's eligibility for nomination. The goal is to facilitate the recognition of the world heritage embodied in the birthplace of psychoanalysis, namely Vienna, where Sigmund Freud grew up, founded his method of care, and worked most of his life.


  1. To create a comprehensive database of the buildings, manuscripts, letters, and other artifacts connected to Sigmund Freud (or his immediate circle).
  2. To document the Freudian heritage of the IPA Constituent Organizations, and to involve these Organizations in sharing information about their founding members, associated historical figures, and/or other distinguished psychoanalysts.
  3. To advise the IPA Board on issues related to the cataloging of the Freudian Legacy.
  4. To consult with the IPA website chair concerning the best way to present this material online.
  5. To continue to explore the means to register psychoanalysis' "place of origin" on the UNESCO cultural heritage list.
  6. To consult with experts as needed to complete the project.

Ways of working and reporting

The Freudian Legacy Task Force will be expected to do most of its work electronically, using Skype, GoToMeeting, or other free-to-use communication systems. The Task Force, like all IPA committees, will be expected to be self-supporting for secretarial and other purposes. Any face-to-face meetings should take place, so far as possible, adjacent to IPA or regional congresses. The Chair of the Committee will provide a written report to the Board at least annually.


This is a temporary Task Force and it is anticipated that it will finish its work by the end of 2017. The members of the Task Force will be appointed in the usual way, by the President of the IPA and with the consent of the Board of Representatives.

Composition of the committee

The Task Force will consist of a Chair, plus two members from each Region. The Task Force may request the appointment of Consultants as needed (Consultants will not be funded to attend in-person meetings).


The Committee will propose a budget during the annual IPA budget cycle. They will have access to the web and email support services offered by IPA Staff.

Board approved December 2016

Removal of the term "Broomhills", March 2017

Full NamePosition
Dr. med. Rosa SpagnoloChair
Dr. Dipl. Psych. Bernard ChervetMember
Ms. Kimberly Scholefield KleinmanMember
Dr. Francisco Javier Montejo AlonsoConsultant
Dr. Romolo PetriniConsultant
Dr. Nellie L. ThompsonConsultant