World Health Organization Committee


This Committee will have the following tasks:

  1. To explore the opportunities offered by the World Health Organisation ("WHO") for the IPA to influence and contribute to its work, in particular the possibility of the IPA becoming a registered Non-Governmental Organisation ("NGO") with the WHO.
  2. To develop a detailed work programme by September 2014, to propose to the Board as part of the development of the IPA's plans for 2015 onwards.
  3. To make psychoanalysis visible and heard in the United Nations system in general and in the meetings of the WHO and its subsidiary bodies in particular.
  4. To interact with other non-governmental organisations working with the United Nations system, particularly through the many established NGO committees of potential interest to the psychoanalytic profession.
  5. To consider, advise, and promote contributions that the profession of psychoanalysis might make in the work of the WHO.

The Committee for the World Health Organisation will report annually to the Board of Representatives to describe the work done so far and any conclusions or inferences to be drawn from it. It will carry out its work by committee members' personal oversight primarily in Geneva, and in communication with more distant members by telephone, fax, and email. It will hold working meetings at each biennial International Congress and other working meetings as may be arranged.


The Committee will consist of a Chair who will be based locally to the WHO's headquarters (currently Geneva), plus two members from each Region. The President, Vice President and Treasurer, and the Executive Director, shall be ex officio members.

Approved by the Board January 2014.

Full NamePositionTerm StartTerm End
Dr. med. Saskia F. Von Overbeck OttinoChair28/04/201415/08/2017143233
Denia BarrettMember04/08/201401/09/2017161158
Dr.ssa. Anna FerrutaMember04/06/201615/08/2017102470
Prof. Dr. phil. Yolanda GampelMember08/09/201415/08/2017102820
Dr. Decio TenenbaumMember04/08/201401/09/2017108093
Dra. Monica Judit ZacMember04/08/201401/09/2017139658
Dr. Merton A. ShillMember04/08/201401/09/2017142395