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  • Royal Academy of Arts | London
    Ismond Rosen
    In the Gallery Café
    9 October — 3 December 2015
    Ismond Rosen was an artist, psychoanalyst, and psychiatrist, who created a vast body of art and written work during his lifetime. Read his Obituary
  • 7 October 2015 - 22 November 2015 | Freud Museum London
    Broomberg & Chanarin
    Every piece of dust on Freud's couch
    For Every piece of dust on Freud’s couch, commissioned by the Freud Museum, Broomberg & Chanarin hired a police forensic team to scrutinise Sigmund Freud’s iconic couch, gathering DNA samples, strands of hair and a multitude of dust particles left by his home’s many visitors. These may include traces of Freud’s early patients such as ‘Dora’, the ‘Wolf Man’ and others, as well as those of more mundane visitors, mainly tourists, who have travelled from around the world to visit this legendary item of furniture.
    Watch an interview with the artists:
  • Festival of the Unconscious: 24 June 2015 - 4 October 2015
    The Unconscious Revisited at the Freud Museum
    Exciting things are happening at the Freud Museum London this summer. Using a combination of psychological games, scientific and historical information and engaging displays and workshops, The Festival of the Unconscious will encourage visitors to think and learn about the unconscious mind and how it influences our behaviour.
    We invite you to enter the VIRTUAL PSYCHOANALYTIC MUSEUM for a new experience of psychoanalytic understanding. Our Grand Opening features three topical galleries (Space and Time | The Body | Film), along with descriptions of how to enjoy and participate.   We are using a variety of media to help bring forth the vitality of psychoanalytic thought and clinical work.

    The Three Galleries

    Space and Time curated by Batya Monder with Nancy R. Goodman. Exhibitions are by Nancy R. Goodman, Antonino Ferro, Desy Safan-Gerard, and Batya Monder’s narratives about space and time include contributions from Calvin Settlage, Robert S. Wallerstein, Thomas H. Ogden, & Gerald Fogel. Space and Time relate to the interior of the mind and to the interior of a museum.  In both we find timeless works of art and unconscious fantasies that need containment to be held securely.  Both the contemporary and the ancient reside within the spaces of mind and museum.

    The Body,  curated by Paula L. Ellman. Exhibitions with commentary and images from Janice Lieberman, Ellen Sinkman, Marsha H. Levy- Warren, and Calli Ryan. Freud told us that the body is the first ego and clinicians recognize that the soma and psyche are intimately connected both in pleasure and in pain.  The exhibitions tell and show the way beauty, pain, and injury directly impact experience of living in a body communicating to self and other.

    Film,  Lars and the Real Girl, curated by Marilyn B. Meyers with exhibition commentaries from Noa Ashman, George Halasz and Marilyn B. Meyers. This film is a moving and compelling story reminding us all of the importance of attachment, grief, and reparation. Film clips and discussions help reveal the inner life of Lars and indeed, all of us.

    video from the museum dirctor, Nancy Goodman.

    Welcome video from IPA President, Stefano Bolognini.