Nancy R. Goodman Director

The Virtual Psychoanalytic Museum is pleased to announce the launch of our second season, 2016-17, and we thank the IPA for supporting our efforts and allowing us to post  this invitation to the entire IPA membership. 

We begin our new installations with the delight and profound wisdom of our senses – the way deep emotional and psychic knowledge is born and conveyed through photography and music.

Inside The Images Gallery Terrance McLarnan presents the visual of photography and psychoanalysis – 

In The Jazz Gallery Jane Hall invites our analytic and human ear to listen—to the soul through the wondrous sounds of Jim Hall and other jazz musicians – 

Enjoy, give feedback, and suggestions for future exhibitions. 

We look forward to hearing from you.

Nancy R. Goodman, Director, 
Paula Ellman, Marilyn Meyers, & Batya Monder, Curators
Arnold Richards, IPBooks, Publisher
Devra Hall Levy, Webmaster