In the IPA's forthcoming elections, the following positions will be elected:

  • President and Vice President (to take office in July 2021, after serving as President-Elect and Vice President-Elect from July 2019) 
  • Treasurer (to take office in July 2019) and 
  • 21 Representatives to the IPA Board (7 from each IPA region, to take office in July 2019)


ALL PROPOSALS FOR NOMINATION MUST REACH THE IPA BY 31 JULY 2018 c/o Stephen Thierman (email: steve@ipa.world). No proposal received after this date will be accepted unless it is specifically invited by a Nominating Committee (eg. in cases where an insufficient number of proposals have been received).

All Representative posts will be voted upon in the relevant region only. The officer posts (ie. President (with Vice President) and Treasurer) will be voted upon by all members.

To qualify, candidates in these elections must have either:
1) a proposal from a Component Society or the Regional Association (or any of its affiliates), or
2) a proposal from 10 IPA Members.

The President and Vice President are elected as a ‘Presidential team’. There is a geographic rotation system in place which ensures that these officers come in turn from each region. The President and Vice President for the terms 2021-23 and 2023-25 must be from the North America region. Before taking office the President and Vice President serve for two years (2019-21) as President-Elect and Vice President-Elect. Proposals for Presidential teams will be forwarded to the Central Nominating Committee. 

TREASURER (globally elected):  
The current Treasurer, Andrew Brook, will have served 2 full consecutive terms of 2 years and will therefore not be eligible for re-election. Under the geographic rotation system, the next IPA Treasurer must be from the European region. Proposals for the position of Treasurer will be forwarded to the Central Nominating Committee. 

The roster of the Central Nominating Committee for the 2019 elections is:

Paula Ellman, Chair
Maria de Fátima Chavarelli
Gabriel Sapisochin
Patricia Estela Arévalo Plá
Christoph Walker
Randi Wirth

REPRESENTATIVES TO THE BOARD (regionally elected):
Proposals for the 21 Representative positions will be forwarded to the relevant Regional Nominating Committees. Each Regional Nominating Committee will aim to put forward between 11 and 14 candidates for the 7 positions within its region. 

8 of the current Representatives are eligible for re-election, but will not be slated automatically and must be proposed in the same way as other nominees. These 13 Representatives have served two full consecutive terms and are therefore NOT eligible for re-election:

Mira Erlich-Ginor
Giovanni Foresti
Luis Martin Cabre
Jonathan Sklar
Martin Teising

Latin America:
Abel Fainstein
Sérgio Lewkowicz
Álvaro Nin Novoa
Claudio Rossi

North America:
Martin Gauthier
William Glover
Beth Kalish
Peter Loewenberg

The rosters of the Regional Nominating Committees for the 2019 elections are:

European Regional Nominating Committee:
Madeleine Bachner, Chair
Jan Abram
Françoise Labbé
Gabriel Sapisochin 
Christoph Walker

Latin American Regional Nominating Committee:
Fernando Grinberg, Chair 
Patricia Arévalo Plá
Fátima Chavarelli
Tammy Kalach
María Paz de la Puente

North American Regional Nominating Committee:
Robin Deutsch, Chair
Paula Ellman
Sarah Freke
Robert Pyles
Randi Wirth

Important note: Names proposed will not automatically be put forward for election. The Nominating Committees will decide on the names that appear on the final slate according to IPA criteria. The IPA Procedural Code document Rules, Limits and Procedures for IPA Elections can be found on the IPA's website here.

Please note that, except with the Board's express consent, a member of a Provisional Society or Study Group, who is not also a member of a Component Society or the Regional Association, is not eligible to run for elected office.