Freud's BAR Opening in Munich

May 16th 2014 was the opening of Freuds BAR in Munich. Excellent young musicians - one of whom is a collegue in training – supported us with piano and violin. They played Sonatina 1 by Franz Schubert, La Cumpursita by  Rodriguez and finally „Liebesgruß“ by Elgar.  Anna Herzig (violin) and Julia Wende (piano) provided for us a warm and lively welcome and created a helpful open atmosphere for discussion. During breaks Benedikt Ruf with his barpiano helped to „contain“ the good atmosphere; and in addition he grew a beard like Freud‘s.

Then three psychoanalysts (Heidi Spanl, Florian Juen and Lothar Schon) gave an  introduction for 30 minutes with their thoughts on the opening subject: „#(hashtag = very important) psychoanalysis  to go?“. The audience of more than 60 people then contributed to the discussion with interesting thoughts and compassionate questions. We were very happy that the young people present and the non-analysts shared their understanding of psychoanalysis openly and honestly.

After the discussion we spend the „informal“ part of the evening together, where everybody was involved in interesting conversations with wine, which continued until midnight.

The evening took place in a newly established Italian-Spanish institute for culture and language, called „Mundart-e“, where the  rooms proved to be very comfortable and fitting for the purpose. We are very happy to be able to offer the opportunity of a „Freud’s BAR“ next to the university, especially in an expensive city like Munich.

As in other cities „Freud’s BAR“ in Munich will also be open once a month during semestertime.     

„Freud’s BAR“ –Munich can also be found in the internet on facebook, google+ and twitter for the actual schedule and further information.

"Freud’s BAR" is sponsored by five psychoanalytic organisations in Munich and is organised by Heidi Spanl.  

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