CAPSA procedures are described in detail in the CAPSA Resource Document which is available on the IPA website. In order to understand the purposes and procedures for CAPSA-funded events, those applying for funding under the IPA CAPSA programme are advised to read the Resource Document before making an application.

The aims of the CAPSA programme are:


  • To encourage debate on the various psychoanalytical cultural perspectives.
  • To enhance understanding of both the details of clinical process and the broad theoretical issues related to it.
  • To enable participants in CAPSA-supported events to gain a greater sense of being a psychoanalytic citizen of the world.

If you are a CAPSA “inviting organisation”, for example  an individual IPA Society or IPA Study Group, IPA Regional body (EPF, FEPAL, NAPsaC), a group of IPA Societies, including FEBRAPSI (in Brazil) and CIPS (in the USA, an IPA Committee, including the Psychoanalytic Institute for Eastern Europe, or the Latin American Institute or IPSO in collaboration with IPA Institutes, and if you would like support with travel expenses to bring a speaker (or speakers) from another IPA Region to the event (travel from one continent to another within a Region is eligible), or support with associated translation/interpretation or publicity costs, then if your event meets the criteria in the Resource document, please provide the following information:




On completion please email the form to Nic Allen