New IPA Research Database now available online

The new IPA Research Database is now available online at the IPA website. This searchable database lists over 400 IPA supported research projects from the past 15 years and provides access to the results of many of these studies.  It lets you see how the IPA promotes the development of psychoanalytic research.

Sigmund Freud was a master researcher. His discoveries grew from contemporary research methodologies  and his revolutionary expansion of them. In founding the IPA one of his major goals was to ensure that psychoanalysis would continue to grow through international research and discovery. IPA meetings, study groups and publications have supported psychoanalytic investigation throughout the IPA's history. Today a significant part of the IPA budget is designated to directly support psychoanalytic research throughout the world. Over the years we have assisted approximately 400 investigators.  The result has not only been a significant increase in psychoanalytic knowledge but also the development of a group of committed psychoanalytic researchers.

Ongoing psychoanalytic research expands our knowledge including how to help people suffering from forms of distress that were once considered beyond psychoanalytic help, to psychoanalytically informed community interventions, investigations of the effectiveness of psychoanalysis, problems of psychoanalytic education, and the psychoanalytic understanding of creative works.  The list could easily be expanded. 

Research in psychoanalysis can lead to better practice. It can draw people to psychoanalysis as a field of inquiry. In some countries enthusiasm for psychoanalytic ideas and developments, often centering in universities,  strongly contributes to the community's interest in psychoanalysis. In some countries where government supports of psychological interventions are contingent on demonstrating efficacy,  psychoanalytic research can supply pertinent data. Research is good for psychoanalysis. 

The IPA  Research Database gives you ready access to the past 15 years of psychoanalytic research.  We know the database is incomplete in places and are working hard to bring it up to date. When you go to the database you will be asked what terms you would like to search.  If you want  to simply browse the database just leave all of the search terms blank. A look through the database will not only give you access to specific information you may be seeking but also breadth and depth of IPA research  support.

To use the database  click here