In Boston the IPA Board and Business Meeting approved one new Study Group, three Provisional Societies and two Component Societies. The ING would like to thank the Sponsoring and Liaison Committees  for their commitment, dedication and sound work  and for guiding the groups successfully through their development until the current stage.  The IPA and the ING owe them a lot, and we are confident that the groups and Societies  will continue their growth and their contribution to the IPA and to psychoanalysis. We also would like to thank the Presidents and members of the groups and Societies for their commitment, enthusiasm and for persevering  at times under difficult circumstances. For all of us, it has been a particularly happy and moving moment when the Presidents were called to give their speech at the Business Meeting,  the pictures here speak for themselves.


Taiwan Study Group
Teresa Mei-Jang Pai, Representative  
     Psychoanalytic Society of Serbia
Jasminka Suljagic, President  
   PSIKE Istanbul Psychoanalytic Association 
for Training, Research and Development 

Gulgun Alptekin, President 

Psychoanalytic Society for Research 
and Psychoanalytic Training (
Jöelle Picard, President
    Minas Gerais Psychoanalytical Society
Sergio Kehdy, President
   Moscow Psychoanalytical Society 
Tatiana Alavidze, President