After the conclusion of the excellent work of Maria Teresa Savio Hooke and her colleagues, we would like to welcome you to the International New Groups ( ING ) site.  Our aim is to inform IPA colleagues about ING work and to share with you our experiences of working in new areas, new countries and with new cultures. We would also like to introduce you to our ING community which includes IPA colleagues working as Sponsors, Liaison and Site Committees, new Study Groups and Provisional Societies in Europe, Eastern Europe, Latin America, North America and Asia (ING Committees ), and more than 450 candidates in training. The task of the Sponsoring, Liaison and Site Visit Committees is to guide, support and facilitate the development of psychoanalysis in new areas.
The work of the ING is an important aspect of the IPA activities, we hope that a better awareness of the expansion and development of psychoanalysis in new areas could be a stimulus for reflection on contemporary psychoanalysis, on its challenges and difficulties but also on the interest and opportunities for the future in a changing world.  

If you have any questions or would like to give some feedback on the information on this page please write to:

Claudio Laks Eizirik
ING Chair


ING Videos

Interview with former ING Chair: Maria Teresa Hooke


The ‘Normality’ of Problems in  Study Groups

IPA-ING Sponsors: Sara Zac de Filc and Telma Barros

The Experience of Working in Study Groups, Mira Erlich-Ginor

IPA-ING Sponsors Interview with Betty Benaim 

On Ethics

Ethics in Study Groups



During its meeting in Buenos Aires the IPA Board approved the IPA Statement on Democracy this is a key document for the development of strong and healthy new groups.        



The International New Groups (ING) Committee are pleased to announce that the Board has approved and the Business Meeting has ratified the promotion of the following groups at the Buenos Aires Congress in July 2017:

Component Society status has been awarded to:                               

Provisional Society status has been awarded to:        

Study Groups status has been awarded to:

All these groups have worked hard to achieve this status and the ING extends warm congratulations to them. 

    The International New Groups Committee (ING) falls within the Development group of IPA Committees. The overall strategic objective of this Group of Committees is to: 'expand the profession both within current and new geographic areas whilst maintaining high professional standards.' The Committee has the following three areas of responsibility:

    1. In an area where there are sufficient IPA members, the ING facilitates the establishment of a group in conformity with all applicable IPA policies and procedures which pertain to the orderly progression from Study Group, to Provisional Society, to Component Society or from Board Provisional Society to Component Society of the IPA. The Committee will provide appropriate advice on such matters as ethical requirements, organisational structure, procedures, education and finances. It will also provide oversight to insure that this advice is incorporated into the organisation of developing groups regarding the IPA requirements for progression to Component Society status. Oversight is intended to mean that the Committee is responsible to review the status of proposed groups and to monitor the progress of the New Group through its Site Visit, Sponsoring, Facilitating and Liaison Committees. Special fact finding or other similar committees may be appointed as necessary to augment the information available to the ING Committee.

    2. The Committee is concerned with the stimulation of interest in psychoanalysis in countries or areas of countries where no psychoanalytic groups exist and where no Regional Institute is active. To accomplish this purpose sub-committees of the Committee may be appointed by the President in consultation with the Committee Chair. The goal of this activity is the eventual establishment of groups that can become Component Societies of the IPA.

    3. At its discretion the Board may assign to the ING Committee a group that splits from a Component Society and wants to join the IPA. The Committee will receive a report from a Board Site Visit Committee and recommend the appropriate status for this group. If approved by the Board, eventually a Sponsoring Committee or Facilitating Committee or Liaison Committee will be appointed to assist the group in the process of eventually becoming a new Component Society.

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      ING Roster

      Claudio Laks Eizirik (Chair),  Porto Alegre
      Marilia Aisenstein-Averoff  (Co-Chair Europe),  Paris
      Silvia Flechner (Co-Chair Latin America), Montevideo
      Harriet Basseches (Co-Chair North America), Washington
      Louis Brunet (Co-Chair for Allied Centres) Montreal
      Gábor Szönyi (EPI Liaison) Budapest
      Maria Teresa Calabrese (ILAP Liaison) Buenos Aires
      Joanne Beavis, ING Manager

      Claudio Laks Eizirik, Joanne Beavis, Maria Teresa Calabrese, Sergio Nick (IPA Vice-President)
      Silvia Flechner, Marilia Aisenstein, Harriett Basseches.

      Gabor Szonyi

      For a full list of International New Groups Committees and their Members click here