Dear Colleagues,

This is to inform you on the structure and current activities of the ING.

The ING Committee includes a Chair, three Co-Chairs for the three IPA Regions: Europe, Latin America and North America, Liaison for Eastern Europe and for ILAP, the Allied Centres Co-Chair and the Head of ING Staff in the Lexicon, London.      

At present the ING oversees the following Groups, Provisional Societies and Allied Centres:

Study Groups: 17 with 288 candidates

Latin America (6): 44 candidates

Campinas Psychoanalytical Study Group – Brazil
    Curitiba Psychoanalytic Study Group – Brazil
    Goiania Psychoanalytic Study Group – Brazil
    Panama Centre for Psychoanalytic Studies
    Psychoanalytic Society of Leon (SOPAC) –Mexico 
    San Luis Study Group - Argentina
North America (3 + China Committee): 33 candidates

Korean Psychoanalytic Study Group
    Vermont Psychoanalytic Study Group – USA
    China Committee
    Taiwan Study Group

Europe (6): 211 candidates
 Bulgarian Psychoanalytic Society
    Estonian-Latvian Psychoanalytic Society
    Lebanese Association for the Development of Psychoanalysis
    Portuguese Nucleus of Psychoanalysis
    Vilnius Society of Psychoanalysts – Lithuania
    Ukraine Study Group 

 Provisional Societies (9):  222 candidates

Psychoanalytic Society of Asunción – Paraguay 
    Moscow Group of Psychoanalysis
    Vilnius Society of Psychoanalysts
    Fortaleza Psychoanalytic Society
    Centre for Psychoanalytic Education and Research (Mexico – Monterrey)
    Freudian Psychoanalytical Society of Mexico City
    South African Psychoanalytical Society 
    Minas Gerais Psychoanalytical Society 
​    PSIKE Istanbul

Allied Centres: 5

    Taiwan Center for the Development of Psychoanalysis
    Psychoanalysis Studying Center in China
    Korean Psychoanalytic Allied Centre
    Tunisian Association for Psychoanalytic Development
    South African Initiative Allied Centre

The ING Collaborates with the two Regional Institutes:

Latin American Institute of Psychoanalysis (ILAP) 23 candidates
European Psychoanalytic Institute (EPI – previously PIEE) 53 candidates”


In 2015 the PIEE (Psychoanalytic Institute for Eastern Europe) was replaced by the “Han Groen Prakken European Psychoanalytical Institute” (EPI).The PIEE has been working since 2002 in collaboration with the EPF European Psychoanalytic Federation and the IPA helping psychoanalysis to develop in Eastern Europe and take its place in the contemporary world. In the post-Communist Eastern Europe there are now 7 Component Societies, 2 Provisional Societies and 3Study Groups.

The mandate of the new EPI will be to complete the work of the PIEE and to train and support the pre-Study Groups in, St Petersburg, Belorussia, Southern Russia, Armenia and Georgia until they reach Study Group status. Its task will also be to give support to all Study Groups in the European Region, not only East European. The EPI will organize only one School a year, and it will be held in Western Europe to encourage integration. It will be open to all the IPA Study groups.

Igor Kadyrov (Moscow) is the new Director, Endel Talvik (Tallinn) Associate Director for Training (seminars), Christoph Walker (Germany) Associate Director for Training (individual curricula).


ILAP (The Latin American Institute for Psychoanalysis) has been working since 2006 in collaboration with FEPAL (The Latin American Psychoanalytic Federation) and the IPA helping psychoanalysis develop in Latin America wherever there are no IPA Institutes or organisations. The Panama Study Group was set up as a result of the ILAP training programme. ILAP currently works in outreach in Guatemala, Bolivia and the Dominican Republic, and will also be working with APsaA in Puerto Rico.  ILAP currently has training programs running in Honduras and Ecuador, and soon in Nicaragua

Olga Varela (Guadalajara) General Director.  Alceu Casseb (San Pablo) Training Director.  María Teresa Calabrese (Buenos Aires) Outreach Director.  Marga Stahr Samanez (Cusco) Seminars & Supervisions Director. Ernestina Corvalán Bustos (Santiago) Evaluation and Follow-up Director.


We have currently four Allied Centres, three in Asia and one in Tunisia. The function of the IPA Allied Centre is to develop awareness of psychoanalysis through outreach and community activities and to develop courses in psychoanalytic psychotherapy practiced by a member of the IPA for professionals who have personal experience of psychoanalysis and of psychoanalytic psychotherapy and are interested in these methods. Allied Centres are not authorized to train psychoanalysts, as this task in new areas is fulfilled by Study Groups. Members of the Taiwan Allied Centre now have Study Group Status and the Allied centre continues its outreach work with the community and is now a potential pool of candidates for the new study group. The China Allied Centre is working towards increasing the membership and the outreach activities. The Korean Allied Centre is very active, currently running an innovative outreach program and a Psychoanalytic Psychotherapy training program which is feeding candidates to the Korean Study Group.


Much ground work has already been done by the former ING in order to establish communications between Societies and groups working in Asia and to develop a dialogue around joint meetings and scientific activities.  We have in the region well established Societies like India, Japan and Australia, flourishing Study Groups in South Korea and Taiwan, and also fast developing Allied Centers in South Korea and Taiwan, and the China Committee is carrying out IPA Training  in Beijing and Shanghai.


Claudio Laks Eizirik, ING Chair

Marilia Eisenstein- Averoff, Co-Chair Europe
Gabor Szonyi, Liaison for EPI
Silvia Flechner, Co-Chair Latin America
Maria Teresa Calabrese, ILAP Liaison
Harriet Basseches, Co-Chair North America
Louis Brunet, Co-Chair for Allied Centres
Joanne Beavis, Head of ING staff