Notas prácticas

Acerca del uso de Skype, teléfono u otro método de Voz sobre IP

Declaración de la API sobre democracia en las organizaciones psicoanalíticas

The IPA is founded and run on democratic principles, where each of the Members of the association has an equal part to play. 

Política anti-soborno de la IPA

The UK Ministry of Justice has formulated six principles which it requires all trading and commercial organisations to follow, and our Regulator, the Charity Commission, has confirmed that our compliance with this is mandatory. The IPA has adopted this policy, based on the six principles.

Política de Privacidad de la API

The IPA takes privacy issues seriously and is committed to protecting information that it holds in its database about its members, IPA candidates, and non members. This policy explains what information the IPA has in its database about you, how that information is used, to whom it is disclosed and how it is stored and protected. 

Cuentas de la API

Andrew Brook is the current Treasurer of the IPA. He oversees the IPA's treasury, investments and budget working closely with the Budget and Finance Committee as well as the Investment and Oversight Committee.