Art: 2016

: 2014 | 2015

Mark Wallinger | London 26 Feb – 7 May 2016, Hauser & Wirth 
ID |In this exhibition, Wallinger encourages a contemplation of the self within a society in which behaviour and personal identity come under increasingly closer scrutiny. Wallinger utilises Sigmund Freud’s terms, id, ego and superego in an interrogation of the psyche, the self, and the subject. The work examines how, as human beings, we operate between our instinctual urges, our attachment to our identities, and the ways in which we judge ourselves as members of a certain culture. 
Emma Talbot | London
10 February 2016 - 10 April 2016, Freud Museum
Unravel These Knots |  Emma Talbot's work recounts her own real life experiences, revealing the workings of her mind in a non-linear format.


Lore Schacht | Drusenheim
Until 13/2/2016 
"Jeux de couleurs"-  a German psychoanalyst and artist, exhibits her works.