Buenos Aires, 26 - 30 June 2016

The Programme was based at the Instituto de Salud Mental de la Asociación Psicoanalítica de Buenos Aires, in collaboration with  all the Argentinian Societies.

As in previous years, the aims of this successful training programme was to provide attendees with opportunities for consultation and discussion of ongoing research projects and receive training in empirical and conceptual approaches to psychoanalytic research in a number of areas including: psychotherapy, personality and psychopathology, attachment and parenting, social neuroscience, developmental processes, neurocognitive functioning, psychoanalytic process and outcome and clinical/conceptual research. 

A central part of the experience for trainees was the opportunity to present and discuss their own research projects and research goals with members of the faculty and other participants. The programme offered constructive and critical reviews of projects in a way that should facilitate grantwriting and fundraising and thus provide additional opportunities for continuing psychoanalytic research.   We trust that they will also benefit from networking skills with consultants and collaborators for their future work.

Some fellows also presented their posters at the Joseph Sandler Research Conference, which successfully took place following the RTP (Friday 1 July (pm) to Sunday 3, 2016, at the Asociación Psicoanalítica Argentina, Universidad del Salvador in Buenos Aires.  They also participated of  their first Fellows meeting.

The warmly and free atmosphere at the RTP encouraged the participants to spend time with each other and Faculty members, both as part of the teaching programme and outside scheduled events. The Faculty members were Marina Altmann, Ricardo Bernardi, John Clarkin, Adela L. de Duarte, Robert Emde, Marianne Leuzinger-Bohleber ,Clara R. de Schejtman , Mark Solms and Andrea Rodriguez Quiroga de Pereira (also Local organizer).

List of new Fellows:

  1. Beckmann, Jessica – Tucumán, Argentina; Suicide: Medical Emergency in Tafi Del Valle, Tucuman, Argentina (Team leader)
  2. Juarez Ottaviani, Eliana de los Angeles
  3. Gomez, Martín Gabriel
  4. Moguillansky, Rodolfo (Superviser)
  5. Bongiardino, Laura – Argentina; Moral Conscience and Informed Assent in Teenagers (Authors: Laura Bongiardino, e Ivana Aufenacker (Team Leader)
  6. Mango, Carla
  7. Aufenacker, Ivana
  8. Bustamente, Jorge – Chile; Early detection of risk indicators in the pediatric consultation. Validation of Alarm Distress Baby Scale in preterm and term Chilean infant population
  9. Corbella, Valeria – Buenos Aires; Enactment: a necessary review
  10. Duhalde, Constanza – Buenos Aires; Microanalysis of videotaped play interactions between mother and child offers a privileged position for the observation of such a process.The exploration of maternal subjectivity through analysis of interviews with mothers, focusing in this case on MRF, allows building inferences about the way in which child’s play and dyadic play relate both to dyadic affective regulation and to affective self-regulation
  11. Durand, Julia - São Paulo; On siblings children with autism spectrum disorder
  12. Errazuriz Arellano, Paula; Early trauma, psychotherapy and personality disorders 
  13. Mansione, Isabel – Buenos Aires; Advantages and disadvantages of the influence of the institutes in the training analysis of the candidates;  (Team Leader)
  14. Manfredi, Clelia
  15. Marengo, Juan Carlos – Buenos Aires; Changes in moral conscience in psychodinamic psychotherapy; (Team Leader)
  16. Borensztein, Laura
  17. Meese, Debra – Australia/South Africa ;Clinicians on the couch: Psychologists’ retrospective perspectives on the experience of their personal psychoanalytic psychotherapy and how it informed their professional role 
  18. Mondrzak, Rafael – Brazil;Countertransference -Psychodynamic Psychotherapy and Psychoanalytic Psychotherapy; (Team Leader)
  19. Reinert, Camila
  20. Muller, Felipe – Argentina; Clinical Cases in Psychoanalysis:the study of transcripts of patients’discourse according to diagnosis and psychoanalytic school; (Team Leader)
  21. Fuxman, Mariana
  22. Nahmod, Maia – Buenos Aires; Children’s Play Therapy Instrument applied to children in latency period. A comparative study between children withborderline mothersand case-control population
  23. Pérez, Luisa – Uruguay, Is the reason for consultation sufficiently perceived and described by the analysts? Is the perceived severity of disturbances in line with the level of change that is reported in the questionnaires? 
  24. Roth, Lía – Buenos Aires; Cracked Mirror, Body image and Narrative self
  25. Yankelevich, Adriana – Buenos Aires; Study of conscious and unconscious representations of the family in children between 6 and 10 years of age, between 2000 and 2016 ,consultants at the Mental Health Service of The Acute General Hospital Dr. Enrique Tornú
  26. Zucchi, Alejandra – Argentina; Maternal Reflective Functioning a Reflective Parenting Program