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ipa | off the couch - covid 19

Episode 43: A Report from Paris with Marilia Aisenstein

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52nd IPA Congress vancouver

Call for proposals and awards OPEN

21 - 24 JULY 2021


Nexflix's Freud – The Interview: Karen Dougherty, a member of the IPA Social Media Committee, interviews one of the creators, Benjamin Hessler.

Webinar in Spanish only: COVID 19: Procesamiento de la situación traumática y el aislamiento social. Friday 3 April 2020, 17:00 – 18:30 BST
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cocap map

Location of all Societies involved in Child and Adolescent Psychoanalytic work

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Cultural Essays

Cultural musings with a psychoanalytic eye [img. James Baldwin at his home in France, 1983]

Online Journal: 

Issue 9: Addictions

A-tishoo, A-tishoo We All Fall Down

March blog by Dr.Jonathan Sklar

IPA Society of the Month

Washington Baltimore Center for Psychoanalysis

Encyclopedic Dictionary

New entries for February 2020: we have our first Hebrew translations of the Encyclopedic Dictionary - entries on Setting (The Psychoanalytic) and Containment: Container-Contained.