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The Intimate and the Stranger by Vera Lucia Colussi Lamanno Adamo and Adriana Nagalli de Oliveira


Intimacy: a Life Force by Julia-Flore Alibert 


Walking The Path by Amin Shahverdi

Portrait by Susanne Lansman & Angela Feeney

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The IPA Video Award challenges you to create a video that presents INTIMACY in memorable and innovative ways. 

One winner will receive a $1000 cheque which will  be presented at the IPA BUENOS AIRES CONGRESS in July, 2017. The prize will include all  expenses paid for 2 nights, including FREE flights and  accommodation. The winning video will be shown at the Congress and published on the IPA website.

The 2016-2017 IPA Video Award is for the highest quality, original, short video. This video entry should explore the ways in which the topic of intimacy is perceived, challenged and represented in one of the following themes: 
Sexuality | Family & Couples | Clinical Dynamics.

The video award is open to anyone, aged 18 years old and above. We welcome entries from IPA Members and Non-Members.

Each entry will be judged on:
A) Accuracy
B) Originality
C) Clarity 
D) The extent to which it effectively demonstrates the chosen focus in a memorable way

THE JURY                                                                                                        
Members of the IPA Website Editorial Board and Communications Committees and an expert from the field of film. 

HOW TO ENTER                                                                                             
A video award entry form should be completed for each entry. The videos themselves should be posted online. The url of the video must be included in the entry form. SUBMIT VIDEO

Your video must be 4 minutes or less.

ENTER VIDEO                                                                               
Please read the Terms and Rules before completing the ENTRY FORM. Entering the form indicates agreement and acceptance of Terms.

The entrant grants the IPA  non-exclusive rights to the IPA and all entries are subject to use, modification and distribution under the Terms and Rules. The IPA reserves the right to withhold an award if no entries meet our standards for quality. 

Rhoda Bawdekar- Sebastián:


IPA Video Award Archive

To see our previous 2015 Video Award winning entry from a student in Argentina, Gonzalo Arenas Norton, go to our Video Award Archive page.