Main Lectures: exchange of ideas

The Conference will start in the morning with a Main Lecture: exchange of ideas which will focus on two main papers on the Conference theme; this presentation will be followed by a discussion paper. Two  Main lectures are planned for each day and will be given by colleagues representing the six Societies, Study Groups and IPA training of the Asia-Pacific region. The discussants will represent each IPA Region. 



Liling Lin

Prof. Jianyin Qiu

Prof. Do-Un Jeong

Prof. Osamu Kitayama 

Peter Smith

Mrs Minne Dastur
  • Liling Lin, Taiwan Allied Centre and Study Group:  “Are we all doomed for a lose-lose situation?”—The Conundrum of Dependence in Analytic Settings and the Enigmatic Nature of Filial Piety
    Liling Lin is currently the Vice President of Taiwan Allied Centre and the Secretary General of Taiwan Study Group. In addition, she is an active member of American Psychoanalytic Association and was a consultant for the Programme Committee of the IPA Asian-Pacific Conference in Taipei, May 2017. She maintains a private practice in Taipei City, Taiwan.

  • Prof. Jianyin Qiu, Japan Psychoanalytic Society:  Information to follow shortly

  • Prof. Do-Un JeongKorean Study Group
    Prof. Do-Un Jeong, MD, PhD, FAASM, FIPA is a Training and Supervising Analyst of the IPA’s Korean Study Group as well as a Professor of Psychiatry, Seoul National University, South Korea. In 1988, he became the first Korean student at the San Diego Psychoanalytic Institute, U.S.A.; in 2004, the first IPA Direct Member from Korea and the first Asian member of IPA’s Allied Centers Committee; and in 2006, an Active Member of the American Psychoanalytic Association. Prof. Jeong served as the founding President of the Korean Study Group for eight years following the four-year presidency of the Korean Guest Study Group of IPA. He is a member of the advisory committee for the IPA Asia-Pacific Conference in Taipei 2017 and a member of the IPA Committee on Psychoanalysis and the Mental Health Field.   Prof. Jeong is the author of about 200 scientific articles, two books on psychoanalysis, several book chapters, and newspaper columns. Internationally, he has been invited to lecture on psychoanalysis in Japan, China, and Taiwan.


  • Prof. Osamu Kitayama Japan Psychoanalytic Society: Information to follow shortly


  • Peter SmithAustralia Psychoanalytic Society: Information to follow shortly 


  • Mrs. Minnie Dastur, India Psychoanalytic Society
    Mrs. Minnie Dastur is a Senior Training Analyst at the Mumbai Chapter of The Indian Psychoanalytic Society.  She is also a Child Psychotherapist and a member of the Tavistock Society of  Psychotherapists (Child and Adolescent). She is a member of the IPA China Committee and a member of the Programme Committee of the Asia-Pacific Conference in Taipei, May 2017.  She has presented several papers at the India/Australia/Israel Conferences and also given Keynote addresses at the China Psychoanalytic Conferences in Beijing and in Hefei.  She conducts the Continued Professional Development Programmes for the Mumbai Chapter and is Course Organizer of the Tavistock Modelled Course at the Psychoanalytic Therapy and Research Centre at Mumbai.