Provisional Societies

A Provisional Society is usually the second stepping stone in the development towards Component Society status. Each Provisional Society has an organisational history exceeding 10 years. Provisional Societies are recognised by the IPA as qualified to select, supervise and train Candidates for the practice of clinical psychoanalysis. They function under the auspices of an IPA Liaison Committee.



Vilnius Society of PsychoanalystsVilniusLithuania1b654da1-f8f8-40bc-a5b5-45de74c0519e156748
Moscow Group of PsychoanalystsMoscowRussia5366d229-61df-41e7-a0d8-a1854d265e62145854
South African Psychoanalytical AssociationGroot DrakensteinSouth Africa6104b9be-debf-4c57-8a45-b95d47535b26156745
PSIKE (Istanbul Psychoanalytic Association for Training Research & Development)IstanbulTurkeyeb459a46-4eb3-4393-b85d-59d8cb909d99157220
Note: Individual analysts can be designated a “Training Analyst” and/or a "Child Analyst" by a Constituent Organisation. Analysts who are members of more than one Constituent Organisation (Dual members) will appear in the Roster on this website as a “Training Analyst” and/or a "Child Analyst" for each Constituent Organisation where they are a member, when in fact they might only be a Training Analyst and/or a Child Analyst with one of those bodies. We apologise for this technical problem that we hope to fix as soon as possible. In the meantime please contact us at if you wish to know which Society a Dual Member is a Training Analyst with.