Study Groups

A Study Group is usually the first stepping stone in the development towards Component Society status. Each study group functions under the supervision of an IPA Sponsoring Committee. Selection, supervision and training of Candidates may be carried out by a Study Group only when authorized by, and under the jurisdiction of, the Sponsoring Committee. 


Study GroupCityCountry
Bulgarian Psychoanalytic SocietySofiaBulgaria8a3a1b31-9190-4e62-b5f4-78b2bbd3730c158153
Estonian-Latvian Psychoanalytic Society (Study Group) Latviaf13c6c23-15a5-4a42-bb15-149dd7376152157935
Lebanese Association for the Development of PsychoanalysisBeirutLebanonef425004-8eb2-40ac-ac1c-833d4d1f9124157217
Portuguese Nucleus of PsychoanalysisLisbonPortugaleff73978-f92f-440d-a7c6-7ea836f6f170156744
Ukraine Psychoanalytic Society (Study Group) Ukraine0016db2a-16bc-4a8c-8c07-6a92ed74b486164601
Note: Individual analysts can be designated a “Training Analyst” and/or a "Child Analyst" by a Constituent Organisation. Analysts who are members of more than one Constituent Organisation (Dual members) will appear in the Roster on this website as a “Training Analyst” and/or a "Child Analyst" for each Constituent Organisation where they are a member, when in fact they might only be a Training Analyst and/or a Child Analyst with one of those bodies. We apologise for this technical problem that we hope to fix as soon as possible. In the meantime please contact us at if you wish to know which Society a Dual Member is a Training Analyst with.