IPA Committees

Each of the IPA's Committees falls under one of the following categories:

Promotion: to strengthen psychoanalysis and actively to encourage its promotion as a method of treatment. For a list of Promotion Committees click here.

Participation: to foster and enhance members’ sense of participation in and belonging to an international psychoanalytic organization and community. For a list of Participation Committees click here.

Professionalism: to ensure the vitality, uncompromising ethical standards and excellence of psychoanalytic training and training standards, and continuing professional development of both existing and emerging component societies.

  • For a list of Professionalism Committees (except for International New Groups) click here.
  • For a list of International New Groups Committees click here.
Governance: to ensure the efficient and effective management of the IPA as a corporate institution, in accordance with its Constitution and Bylaws. For a list of Governance Committees click here.

: to ensure that the administration of the IPA’s facilities and services is as efficient and effective as possible. For a list of Support Committees click here.


For a complete list of IPA Committees in alphabetical order click here.


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