2016        Dr Riccardo Lombardi (Italian Psychoanalytic Society)   San Francisco Center for Psychoanalysis    
2016        Dr Franco Borgogno (Italian Psychoanalytic Society)    SBPRJ    
      Dr Yolanda Gampel (Israel Psychoanalytical Society)
  APA, APDEBA, SAP (Buenos Aires)
      Dr Gabriel Sapisochin (Madrid Psychoanalytical Association)
  Guadalajara Psychoanalytical Association
2016        Prof. Catalina Bronstein (British Psychoanalytical Society)    Psychoanalytic Center of California   
2016        Dr Eduardo Gastelumendi (Peruvian Psychoannalytic Society)    Polish Psychoanalytic Association   
2015       Professor Didier Houzel (French Psychoanalytical Association)    Psychoanalytic Center of California   
2015        Prof. Ricardo Bernardi and Ms.Beatriz de Leon Bernardi  (Uruguayan Psychoanalytic Association)    Israel Psychoanalytic Society    
2015        Dr David Rosenfeld (Buenos Aires Psychoanalytic Association)    Turkish Provisional Society of PSIKE   
2015        Dr. Axel Hoffer (Boston Psychoanalytical Society and Institute)    Czech Psychoanalytic Society   
2015        Andre Beetschen (French Psychoanalytical Association)    Brazilian Psychoanalysis Society of Porto Alegre (SBPdePA)   
2015        Dr. Luis Martín Cabré (Psychoanalytic Association of Madrid)     The Psychoanalytic Association of Asuncion   
2014       Dr Ana Nicolo (Italian Psychoanalytical Society)   Asociación Psicoanalítica de Buenos Aires: APdeBA
      Dr Howard Levine (American Psychoanalytic Association)      IPSO Event in Lisbon: Where is the Golden Couch? Dialogue with Candidates    
2014       Drs Giuseppe Civitarese (American Psychoanalytic Association) and Clara Nemas (Buenos Aires Psychoanalytic Association)
   Northwestern Psychoanalytic Society and Institute  
       Dr. Marilia Ainsestein (Paris Psychoanalytical Society)
   Asociación Psicoanalítica de Guadalajara 
       Dr. Eran Rolnik (Israel Psychoanalytic Society) 
  The Association for Psychoanalytic Medicine in New York City
      Professor Leda Affonso Figueiredo Herrmann  (Brazilian Society of Sao Paulo)
  The Brazilian (BPS-SP) - Romanian (RSP) Psychoanalytical Seminar
Psychoanalysis today and the relation to its basis”
2014       Dr Joseph Aguayo (Report 1) (Psychoanalytic Center of California) and Report 2
  Spanish Psychoanalytical Society
Bion’s ‘Notes on memory and desire’—its initial clinical reception in the United States: a note on archival material
2013        Dr. David Rosenfeld, (Buenos Aires Psychoanalytic Association):    'Institut für Psychoanalyse' of the 'Psychoanalytische Arbeitsgemeinschaft Stuttgart-Tübingen  


      Dr. Jorge Canestri (Italian Psychoanalytic Association)   Fortaleza Study Group, Brazil