ipa congress 2023
The IPA gives a number of awards at its biennial Congress. Prizes are scheduled to be given in July 2023 in Cartagena, Colombia.
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from the officers
Board actions and latest news from the Officers
Statement on Ukraine

War in Ukraine
War in Ukraine: IPA Responds
Support and commentary on the unfolding situation in Ukraine
off the couch
Older Analysts Aging Well with Judy Kantrowitz, PhD
cocap blog
Children in a World at War Mónica Cardenal
ipa elections 2023
Call for nominations for election to IPA office 
31 July 2022 deadline
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35th EPF Annual Conference - IDEALS
15 - 17 July 2022
IPA Asia-Pacific Conference
4th - 6th January 2023
Registration opens July 2022
IPA Congress Cartagena 2023
Send your proposal for the IPA congress DEADLINE THURSDAY - 30 JUNE 2022!
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Little Musical Gift June: Miles Davis - Time After Time (1988)
Calibán celebrates 10 years
Transition: Moving to a New Era
Contribute to the book: Psychoanalytic Voices to the Challenges of Our Times. Deadline August 31st 2022.
IPA-CAPSA Inter-Regional Visiting Scholars Grants
Applications open for 2022 round
Talks on Psychoanalysis: Psychoanalysis as Politics: Aspiring to Think In the Age of Anti-Thinking - Ian S. Miller
*New translation*
 New book in Serbian