Thinking Links in Psychoanalysis

Date: Sunday 26th August 2018

Family and couple psychoanalysis brings the possibility to research new theoretical and clinical tools, look for new problems, develop new listening skills and consequently learn new languages which impose new values, rules and so on. Doing so, will lead to the removal of some theoretical psychoanalytic walls when they could avoid the suffering related to the radical otherness and alienness of the other/s and the unpredictability of any encounter. This webinar will emphasise the sense of what Janine Puget calls “the radical difference” and avoid the confusion caused by any binary definition. 

Our panellists will discuss how psychoanalysts who work with couples need to work with two overlapping logics: one from the inner world, the other from the linkage of two individuals. They will explain how by analysing couples and families, we can become aware that the emphasis must be placed on the work they have to do together everyday which emerges from being with several others, always alter and alien. The webinar will try to demonstrate that couples and families are not the sum of the two individuals or a complementary system in which different identificatory processes will be activated, but a very complex system, in which unpredictability is a necessary condition that depends on an infinite number of influences we often ignore. Finally, the webinar will show how, through analysing couples and families, we can also become aware that it is necessary to learn how to live together, and become friends, with conflicts of everyday life. 

Janine Puget: MD, Psychoanalyst, Emeritus Professor and ex-Director of Couple and Family Master at the University Institute of Mental Health (IUSAM). Janine is a full member of the International Psychoanalytical Association (IPA), Federation of Latin American Psychoanalysis (FEPAL), Psychoanalytical Association of Buenos Aires (APdeBA) and Director of the Department of Family and Couple Psychoanalysis. Janine is a Founder and Honorary Member of the Argentina Association of Psychology and Group Psychotherapy (AAPPdeG), Janine was also Chair of the IPA Prejudice Working Group (2005 – 2010). 
Janine received the Sigourney Award in 2011 and became a Doctor Honoris Causa of the University of Buenos Aires (UBA) and San Luis Faculty of Psychology of the National University in 2018. 
She is an author of numerous publications in national and international journals about the role of the psychoanalyst, social subjectivity, the psychoanalyst in extreme situations, ethics and psychoanalysis, link psychoanalysis, couple, family and group, social violence and state terrorism. She has also authored, co-authored and edited many books on couple and family therapy.

Elizabeth Palacios: Psychiatrist and Psychoanalyst of the Psychoanalytic Association of Madrid and the International Psychoanalytical Association. Elizabeth is President of the Aragonese Association for Psychic Research of Children and Adolescents, Zaragoza, Spain. She is also Co-Chair for Europe of the Family and Couple Committee of the IPA and Director of the Review, “Psychoanalytic Thinking”.

Please note, this webinar will be delivered in English.

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