IPA-CAPSA Inter-Regional Visiting Psychoanalytic Scholar Event Report




The Host
Fortaleza Study Group, Brazil

Reported by Paulo Marchon, President of GEPFOR

The Scholar

Dr. Jorge Canestri



The Event





Terceira Conferência Psicanalítica Internacional  de Fortaleza July 2013

Society members studied selections of Dr. Canestri’s writings in three meetings prior to his visit.  Dr. Canestri participated in two presentations of clinical material to members of GEPFOR and three supervisions of clinical material and two conferences available to the public.

Dr. Canestri discussed the development of the Study Group with the members. 
“The facility he had to quote from all the sciences, the way he unfolded them, fascinated all of us and made us believe in the therapeutic value of Psychoanalysis and in the importance of broadening our knowledge through the areas alike. “

166 public participants.

Translation was not necessary.  Dr. Canestri presented in Spanish, which the audience in Brazil could understand.

Check the timing of event vis a vis other factors.  Attendance was lower than expected possibly because the conference coincided with university holidays, thus decreasing the number of students of psychology and medicine who might attend.