30th Latin American Congress of Psychoanalysis
“Realities and fictions”
September 3 to 6, Buenos Aires, Argentina



"Realities and fictions” was the subject of the 30th Latin American Congress of Psychoanalysis, which occurred in September 3 to 6, in Buenos Aires, Argentina. The subject of the Congress was approached in its plural form, as set by the theme: the various realities and fictions that we are used to deal with in our daily psychoanalytic practice. The realities and fictions from the analyst, from the patient, built in the analytic field, in different theories, as those related to the analytic training.

There were about 2700 participants, that came mostly from Latin American countries and that, in this great encounter, created an intense atmosphere of friendship and scientific participation. Besides the Sheraton Hotel, the main seat of the Congress, other activities were held in Associación Pscicoanalítica Argentina (APA), Associación Psicoanalítica de Buenos Aires (APdeBA), and Universidad el Salvador - Facultad de Psicologia (USAL). This schedule stimulated the participants to get around and consequently to  get to know the charming city of Buenos Aires, with its museums, theaters and restaurants, making them integrated to the city.

Some encounters about cinema, education, childhood and adolescence, university and art (the latter making a tribute to the Argentinian writer Julio Cortázar) had occurred in the days before the Congress. These activities were for free and open to the community, offering the opportunity to propagate the FEPAL activities. The first Latin American Psychoanalysts and Psychiatric dialog was also held, integrating FEPAL with representative associations of Argentinian psychiatrists. These activities were organized in a network that involved museums, hospitals, clinics and many professionals related to Argentinian culture and art, enlarging the Congress’ extension in the community.

A very touching tribute to three internationally distinguished Argentinian psychoanalysts started the overture session. Some colleagues were asked to tell their experiences with each of them: Dr. Horácio Etchegoyen, Dr. Madeleine Baranger and Dr. Janine Puget. The audience was also invited to say something about their importance in their lives and/or psychoanalytical experiences. After this celebration, the argentinian writer and journalist Mempo Giardinelli gave the overture speech, in which he wondered about the reality and fiction's place in the writing art, overseeing his work, dreams, realities. He was followed by the “El Arranque” orchestra, that enchanted the audience with a lovely tango show, bringing an artistic touch, essential to a good scientific encounter.

The intense scientific ambiance was easily felt during the three days of the Congress. There were more than 700 papers, added to panels, workshops, courses which integrated many Latin American professionals, not just psychoanalysts, but from different areas of knowledge. The subjects of discussion outreached the official theme of the congress, with many panels presented in APA place which were clustered in three thematic axes: childhood an adolescence, Psychoanalytical training - education and transmission, and bonding approach - family and couple.

The Latin American colleagues Hilda Botero (Colômbia), Jorge Bruce (Peru), Alberto Cabral (Argentina), Raul Hartke (Brasil), Romulo Lander (Venezuela), Elias Mallet da Rocha Barros (Brasil), Julio Moreno (Argentina), Fernando Orduz (Colômbia) and Rafael Paz (Argentina), joined to official Congress’ guests, Antonino Ferro (Italy) and Jay Greenberg (USA), were previously invited to publish, in FEPAL's site, their papers about Realities and Fictions. The previous access to the papers allowed an activity called “Dialog with pre-published papers’ authors”, in which colleagues from different psychoanalytical generations, even analysts on training, had the opportunity to debate the ideas from these papers with their authors. It was a very dynamic and interesting activity, as it afforded the possibility to think previously about the author’s ideas while it stimulated a more participative attitude including in the debate the colleagues from the audience.

It is also important to mention the Clinical Exercises activity, that had occurred in previous Congresses, and has been an important forum to debate and think the psychoanalytic clinical work. Characteristically, many colleagues looked for and actively took part in these activities, which are complementary to the theoretical customary ones.

Finally, at the closing session of the Congress, Abel Fainstein and his team said goodbye to their work at the FEPAL directory, when, more than using words to thank, they presented a video showing the intense work that was made before and during the Congress, as well as the many people that were involved. Following this, they transmitted the directory to Fernando Orduz, from Colombia, who presented his team, his ideas and the Congress' next seat, Cartagena, in 2016. See you there!

Maria Cristina Garcia Vasconcellos
Sociedade Psicanalítica de Porto Alegre


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