Dr. Bolognini visits Porto Alegre, Brazil:  August 2016                                       

This August, Porto Alegre had the honour of receiving a visit from the IPA President, Dr. Stefano Bolognini to two events that were organised by the local Psychoanalytic Societies - Porto Alegre Psychoanalytical Society (SPPA) and Brazilian Psychoanalytical Society of Porto Alegre (SBPdePA). Colleagues from the Pelotas Psychoanalytic Society (SPPEL) and other local institutions were also in attendance. The collaborative work between the Societies was greatly admired by Dr. Bolognini.

The first meeting, on August 16, took place at the SPPA. Dr. Maria Lucrecia Zavaschi, President of SPPA, warmly welcomed Dr. Bolognini, who had just arrived following a grueling trip around South America, spreading the word of Psychoanalysis, renewing interest and raising awareness. He was met by a very interested and captive audience in Porto Alegre, and he reiterated the statement that the city of Porto Alegre was a very special one in the psychoanalytic world considering the huge interest in Psychoanalysis. He was inspired by the contact he made with colleagues there. He presented the conference Inauditum!!! conciencia, concienciación, integración”, that was chaired by Dr. Viviane Sprinz Mondrzak. The main focus of the debate was around the concept of trauma. What is considered traumatic? How much reality is it possible to hold on to? That what was split, banished from the emotional experience, which is out of the representational chain, must be integrated, “be joined with the rest of ourselves. (…) are painful gatherers”. Painful gatherers of ourselves that when attended by the analyst voice allow the working through, leaving only the inevitable pain of living instead of the suffering. Concluding this meeting, Dr. Bolognini stated the future of Psychoanalysis is collaboration, meeting members, encouraging discussion, companionship, and exchange.

The second meeting took place at SBPdePA, hosted by its President, Psic. Ana Paula Terra Machado who showed her gratitude to Dr. Bolognini for sharing his ideas, his clinical work, and his openness to communication and contact. He replied that Porto Alegre had breathed life into a scientific environment, that was highly stimulating to him. 
He presented a conference on theory and technique Entre la igualdad (sameness) y la otredad (otherness). Las palabras del analista en el dialogo psicoanalítico”, that was chaired by Dr. Gley Pacheco Costa. The debate was mainly centred around the tools of the analyst to intervene in a session allowing for a higher fluidity in associations produced by the analytic dialogue. The expression used by Dr. Bolognini, “la gatera", served as a metaphor to express the quick, ease, light touch of a cat which is used by the analyst to talk to his or her patient; an overture of the pre-conscious to support the intra-psychic encounter. The empathetic and humanist manner of Dr. Bolognini in understanding the analytic encounter is expressed in the choice of Intimacy as the subject for the 2017, July, IPA Congress in Buenos Aires.

During his visit Dr. Bolognini also had time to talk with Society members and Candidates about their Psychoanalytic training. He stated that he considered training as a tree that bears many branches with a large trunk that is shared by all: 'Freudian theory'. The branches of this tree are many, Kleinian, Bionian, Frenczian, Winnicotian and so on. He said that all of these theories originated from the same tree, and it is expected that each Psychoanalyst trained by the IPA would be capable of forming his or her own inner psychoanalytic family. In his words: The IPA wants to train analysts capable to deal with many sessions or one session. Capable to deal with the maximum level of difficulty and opportunities in their psychoanalytic encounter."

Report written by Psic. Christiane Paixão – Associate Member Associado of SBPdePA