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More than 30 years of Psychoanalysis in our country precedes our entry into the IPA. Years in which the shadow of the President Stroessner´s dictatorship marked the life of all the inhabitants of this small Mediterranean country with 7 million inhabitants, located in the heart of South America.

Many factors were combined to reach the point where we are today: IPA Provisional Society, appointed in the International Congress of Buenos Aires in 2017. 


We Paraguayans belong to a culture strongly moved by miscegenation, which established values and beliefs; some significant to our discipline were the family structure, the maternal and paternal functions are key factors for the configuration of individuality.

The permanence of guaraní language, with its current strength, clearly demonstrates that pre- miscegenation is still part of our culture; to recognize, to accept and value it is part of our daily life, which becomes a permanent learning. This implies the necessity to consolidate a space of understanding and respect for the individual and his otherness. It is known that dictatorships are sustained by destroying the roots. 

In addition, we have faced two major wars; the first one was unnecessarily bloody and destructive which was not conformed only to devastate the country, strip our territories, take the National Archives (which records our history) but was also an act that left us without a written memory of our historical and cultural identity.

Rebuilding our cultural identity is an arduous task. From that place of reconstruction, sustaining and projecting a future, we position ourselves with strength to trace the road and reach the proposed goals.

Thus, Dr. Nasim Yampey, the first Paraguayan Psychoanalyst to become an IPA member, formed in the exile, was the one who in 1975 created the first institution in Asunción, which systematically taught Psychoanalysis. For this purpose members of the Argentine Psychoanalytic Association travelled monthly to Asunción for 3 years to give seminars and supervisions.

Since then, many psychoanalysts from different societies of neighbouring countries visited our country; some periodically to hold the analysis of colleagues, seminars and supervisions. It is difficult to name them all and we do not want to be ungrateful with anyone. But we can not fail to mention Dr. Horacio Etchegoyen who for almost three years held his Seminar on Theory of Technique and supervision; also Dr. Carlos Barredo, who travelled to Asunción every two weeks for 19 years.

To build roads that allow us to be connected with the rest of the world to be able to develop and grow was a crucial task.

However not all the requirements for our admission into the IPA were given. It was not until the Fepal congress in 2002, being Marcelo Viñar the President of FEPAL that our delegation headed by Lic. Maria Adela Cristaldo, submited a formal request to be admitted into the IPA and a window was opened. With help from FEPAL, Dr. Fernando Weissmann, APA analyst, travelled to Asunción every two weeks for a period of 4 years to give seminars and condensed analysis. By the time we had not met the requirements to become a Study Group yet, but IPA made us a place, creating the First Allied Centre of the IPA, constituted in 2004 with the invaluable help of Dr. Elsa Aisemberg and Dr. Telma Barros, who as representatives of the Committee of Allied Centres, generously helped, guided and kept the process going for the new status we had achieved. 
The 2007 IPA Assembly at the International Congress in Berlin was the milestone of our admission into IPA as three Paraguayan psychoanalysts were accepted as IPA Direct Members, who joined Lic. Cristaldo, an IPA member living in Paraguay. They fulfilled the requirements to be recognized as an IPA Study Group. Thus, in 2007, APdeA was born.

The Sponsoring Committee assigned to our Study Group was formed by Dr. Sara Zac as Chair and Dr. Myrta Casas de Pereda and Dr. Elsa Aisemberg who by the time was responsible for the Allied Centre. Later on Dr. Julia Braun joined them. Each and every one of them have left their marks on our work and the structure of our Association. Also, their contribution to the teachings, their example of commitment and work that we have received from Dr. Fernando Weissmann and many psychoanalysts who guided us throughout the years, were fundamental. 
In 2008, the IPA Board approved three new Direct Members proposed by the Sponsoring Committee who teamed up to the arduous and rewarding tasks of the on going Study Group.

From that moment, the institutional structure of APdeA kept consolidating  gradual and steadily in three significant areas; internally strengthening us as a team; reaching local agreements with other institutions in Paraguay; and internationally, integrating ourselves in thorough exchange with colleagues from other IPA institutions.


In 2012 another important moment influenced the strengthening of our institution, FEPAL invited us to take part. Our current President, Yolanda Cubells was the designated secretary to sign and since then she has not stopped participating actively in the FEPAL Assemblies, achieving the integration and exchange of APdeA with other societies. 

The process was long and difficult, we have had four Candidates groups, some of whom are already IPA Members and others are still continuing their training.

There have been many achievements in these years: candidates actively participating in OCAL and IPSO, candidates and members presenting papers in different symposiums and international congresses. Locally, a lot of internal work has been done to carry out seminars, monthly meetings, annual symposiums and diffusion activities. 

Currently, we are 14 members, plus 5 graduates and 7 candidates in training. A lot of work for such few people, but commitment and motivation is what drive us every day. 

As for the scientific area; since 2012 the scientific athenaeum has been consolidated for Members and Candidates. Likewise, different activities were organized, such as presentation of cases and clinical-theoretical discussions during each visit of the Sponsoring Committee and the Liaison Committee; as well as the foreign guests who visited us during these years. We could name some of our colleagues who came  here to give lectures, supervisions and classes for students among other multiple activities. They were: Dr. Fernando Weissmann, Dr. Gilda Sabsay from Foks; Dr. Carlos Barredo Lic. Mónica Cardenal, Dr. Julio Moreno, Dr. Janine Puget from Asociación Psicoanalítica Argentina; Mr. Javier Alarcón and Dr. Luis Martín from the Psychoanalytic Association of Madrid; Claudio Eizirik, IPA past President of the Psychoanalytic Society of Porto Alegre, and Dr. Marcelo Viñar of the Psychoanalytic Association of Uruguay. 


Since 2015, a Simposium has been held annually, an activity that allows a rich and rewarding exchange experience of theoretical-clinical work between Members and Candidates around a chosen theme in accordance with the Congress of the following year, either from IPA or FEPAL.
Since its beginnings APdeA has had a library that is constantly growing thanks to donations from local and foreign professionals, as well as friendly Societies that collaborate each year.

Promotion and diffusion has always been one of our objectives, managing to position Psychoanalysis in a culture where it was incipient. We have carried out numerous activities throughout these years in order to fulfil it: A monthly Film Analysis activity, agreements were reached with public universities counting with a psychology degree program and also other PhD programs related to Health. We held several events in charge of APdeA Members; we have organized countless meetings with different topics open to the general public, and especially to students and mental health professionals. 


Since we are few who make up APdeA, we resort to colleagues Psychoanalysts from other Societies whose visits include lecture events, workshops, supervision all of which strengthen our on going training.

 We have a blog since 2011 and an official APdeA website www.apdea.org.py.

There is a Virtual Bulletin with two issues a year since 2013. 

More challenges await. In 2018 we will host the III Interregional Meeting of Adult Psychoanalysis of FEPAL, to be held on May 4th and 5th in Asunción. The main topic is "Clinica de los Desbordes" where 4 analysts from different regions of America will honour us with their presence. In September we will be visited by Dr. Martina Burdet, of the Psychoanalytic Association of Madrid, which will be possible thanks to IPA through the CAPSA funds.

It has been more than ten years of APdeA’s establishment, and now we are counting with the contributions from Dres. Raúl Tebaldi and Samuel Arbiser, who are members of the Liason Committee, we are still committed to reach the Constituent organization level. We are working towards consolidating a psychoanalytical culture that values and respects subjectivity; we are also working thoroughly to achieve a more inclusive society that echoes our work in Paraguay.