Fortaleza Psychoanalytic Society

In April 2018, our city, Fortaleza, celebrated its two hundred and eighty two years of foundation. Fortaleza is the capital of the State of Ceará, located in the northeast region of Brazil. It is best known for its abundance of light from a generous sun that shines all year round. Fortaleza is a coastal town with beautiful beaches colored by the fishermen's rafts that sails off into the ocean in pursuit of fish.


Our people come from a colonial history, which gave way to miscegenation stories resulting from the mixture of three main populations: Indigenous, Africans and Europeans. Despite the trajectory of invasion and dominance typical of colonial narratives, the mixture of cultures in our history provided a diversity of dances, songs, crafts, literature, religion, and gastronomy.

We preserved daily habits from our indigenous heritage: we enjoy "sleeping in hammocks" and eating tapioca, food madeof cassava flour. From the hinterland there is the cultural inheritance present in the figure of the “vaqueiro”, with his clothing made of leather, an element of local identity materialized mainly in the “gibão”, a typical leather jacket and a hat with wide flaps folded in half. The making of handmade lace was introduced in Ceará by the Portuguese and the techniques developed to a hybrid composition with the incorporation of indigenous workmanship. The work with handmade lace is traditionally done by women, the rendeiras, who elaborate a delicate, open-knit fabric with patterns of geometric and figurative designs.









In local markets the visitor can find delicately handcrafted products made out of lace, leather and straw. In 2017 Fortaleza hosted the XXVI Brazilian Congress of Psychoanalysis and some of the history and expressions of our culture were presented to the participants through artistic presentations and exhibitions. On this occasion we especially celebrated our nomination to Provisional Psychoanalytic Society, a valuable achievement announced in the Business Meeting of the 50th IPA Congress in Buenos Aires. Resulting from a local history of investment in psychoanalysis, twenty years have passed since westarted as Centerin 1998. What are our projects as a Psychoanalytic Society? This is what we will present in the next paragraphs.


From the beginning of our formation, first as a Nucleus, then as a Study Group and finally as a Society, in addition to the training of new psychoanalysts, we have always had another commitment: to build bridges with the community, offering programs and events open to the general public that are interactive and promote active participation from the audience, through an open and frank dialogue between psychoanalysis and culture. It is our tradition to sponsor annual conferences, classes, seminars, and monthly scientific meetings.

Since 2014 our member analysts and analysts in training are able to provide low-cost psychoanalytic treatment to the community through our treatment center, called Clínica Social. In order to offer a high quality service our psychoanalytic clinic combines a set of interdependent activities that include the evaluation the suitability of patients looking for psychoanalytical treatment and the clinical practice of analysts in training as well as to offer a comprehensive theoretical-clinical understanding of patients in treatment and the supervision of the analytical work conducted with patients in analysis.

Still as Núcleo, we started the radio program Listen and Think, - in partnership with the Brazilian Society of Psychoanalysis of Rio de Janeiro and broadcasted by the Radio University FM 107.9. This ongoing program takes place every Friday at 2:00 p.m., with the participation of guests from the psychoanalytic community, as well as professionals from other related areas of interest, aiming to foster transdisciplinary exchanges. The general public participates by sending questions and commentaries that are read and discussed during the program. The program is broadcasted live, and vignettes are posted on youtube, reaching a large number of spectators.


The Psychoanalysis and Art Session has been held since 2011. This event happens traditionally at 7:00 pm on the last Friday of every month in the auditorium of the Livraria Cultura, - a well-located bookstore with an attractive café that has become a cultural landmark in the city. The activity is open to the community and promotes a dialogue between an art commentator and a SPFor member. The starting point of the discussion is a topic related to an artistic movement - film, book, music, dance, visual work, play. After the presentation of each guest the audience is encouraged to participate with questions and / or commentaries, promoting a fertile and creative atmosphere in the intertwining of psychoanalysis with art.


The Scientific Meetings are held biweekly to members and candidates of the SPFor, with the goal of stimulating the production of theoretical and clinical material in our Society and the discussion of psychoanalysis from articles relevant to the psychoanalytic community and written by members of the SPFor.


NUPIA – Núcleo Psicanalítico da Infância e Adolescência, consists of a group of SPFor members who are interested in the study of child and adolescent psychoanalysis. From this perspective the NUPIA offers classes, seminars, study groups and supervisions open to other allied interested professionals and students.


Questions involving sexuality and diversity in the light of psychoanalysis and its relationship with other theoretical fields are the interest of the NUPSE - Núcleo de Psicanálise e Sexualidade.

Wilfred Bion's contribution to psychoanalysis is the target of the Bion Psychoanalytic Study Group. The first meeting was held three years ago under the guidance and coordination of Arnaldo Chuster. The meetings take place every two months and participants have individual and group supervision, following the path of the supervision given by Bion to other analysts, in addition to the theoretical seminars that were originated from the his work.

Originated in 2015, the Inner World Study Group has the psychoanalytic theory and clinical practice as fields of interest. It focuses on the work of Sigmund Freud, Melanie Klein and other contemporary psychoanalysts. The program offers monthly classes that are open to the interested general public, with the purpose of promoting and expanding interests in psychoanalysis.


The Introduction to Psychoanalysis Program is offered to physicians and psychologists interested in psychoanalytic theory. The classes are held in a seminar format and are facilitated by a member of the SPFor.

Since 2009 we have annually published the Reverie - Psychoanalitic Journal. Its content includes papers on psychoanalytic theory and technique, interviews, and essays related to psychoanalysis. The Reverie also encourages the collaboration of authors from other interdisciplinary areas of study, such as philosophy, sociology, anthropology, history, literature, or arts, in the various possibilities of connecting these fields to psychoanalysis.


Therefore, since the beginning of the development of our local history in psychoanalysis, on December 4, 1998, which was the date of the foundation of the Nucleus of Psychoanalysis of Fortaleza - NPF, we are building bridges and connections between theory, training and clinical psychoanalysis.

The trajectory of Sônia Maria Carneiro de Mesquita Lobo was the first step in our foundation. She completed her psychoanalytic training at the Psychoanalytic Society of Recife and returned to Fortaleza as a training analyst. Her return, together with that of Maria José de Andrade Sousa from the Brazilian Society of Psychoanalysis of São Paulo, and the arrival of Paulo Marchon, coming from the Brazilian Society of Psychoanalysis of Rio de Janeiro, set the ground for the possibility of founding the NPF.

As a Nucleus, we were under the sponsorship of the Psychoanalytic Society of Recife. In July 2009, during the IPA Business Meeting in Chicago, the Group of Psychoanalytic of Fortaleza (GEPFor) was granted status as a provisional institute, under the auspices of IPA Sponsors - Altamirando de Andrade and Eva Ponce de Léon. Finally, on June 6, 2016, we became Sociedade Psicanalítica de Fortaleza - SPFor, a freestanding IPA Training Society.

SPFor is currently composed of 25 active members and 21 members in training. However, this number is only temporary. This year it was officially announced the opening of a new psychoanalitic training class, endorsing our commitment to expanding the boundaries of psychoanalysis in our city, and throughout Brazil and the world.