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Guadalajara Psychoanalytic Association

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Popularly known as the "Pearl of the West", Guadalajara, capital of Jalisco state, is located in western Mexico, in the "Valley of Atemajac".  It is one of the three most important cities, along with Mexico City and Monterrey.




Guadalajara celebrated its 474 anniversary since its founding on February 14, 1542 and is considered the land of tequila and mariachi, symbols of national identity.


The city has about 1,495,182 inhabitants and together, the metropolitan area (city and neighboring municipalities, the most important: Zapopan, Tlaquepaque and Tonala) in total: 4,625,000 inhabitants.
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Guadalajara has grown to occupy a site as an industrial, tourist and services Mexican capital, and is the second largest economy in Mexico after the capital. In Guadalajara city, modernity goes hand to hand with the traditions, making it a site of interest. Its cultural and artistic movement, has been listed as one of the most important in America. In Guadalajara major events such as the International Book Fair (FIL) and the Guadalajara International Film Festival are held.

Ancient and modern buildings and monuments adorn the streets of the city, including the Degollado Theater, the Cathedral, the Auditorium of the University of Guadalajara, the Rotunda of Illustrious Men, Hospice Cabañas, Expiatory, the Fountain of Minerva, the Arcos, among others.



One of the most beautiful and visited beach destinations in Mexico, Puerto Vallarta is located 306 kilometers from Guadalajara. It is one of the most important ports and coveted destination for thousands of travelers around the world who come in search of a few days of peace and relaxation. The modern and the traditional, ancestral and modern trends, the beach and the mountains, the nightlife or history intertwine in their rides and attractions resulting in a diverse, multicultural, colorful and wonderful scenery.



Guadalajara Psychoanalytic Association


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Guadalajara Psychoanalytic Association (APG), Component Society of the International Psychoanalytic Association (IPA), founded by Sigmund Freud in 1910, obtained the status of Component Society, on August 1st, 2013, during the 48th IPA Congress "Facing the Pain” in Prague. However, its origins date back to 1976, and its founder, Dra. Norah Gramajo (Argentine Psychoanalytic Association’s member). 

Its previous names were: Guadalajara Psychoanalytic Psychotherapy Group and Guadalajara Psychoanalytic Group, to adopt the name by which it is known today: Guadalajara Psychoanalytic Association.


Mesa Directiva 2016:

Secretaria: María Esther Guzmán Barajas

Tesorera: Patricia del Carmen Schmal Peña

Presidente: Micaela Hernández Abad

Board 2016:

Secretary: María Esther Guzmán Barajas

Treasurer: Patricia del Carmen Schmal Peña

President: Micaela Hernández Abad



We are an Association characterized by serious, responsible and ethical work. We are passionate about psychoanalysis, so we are constantly performing activities of interest both within and outside the Association.

Promote the study, practice, training, research and dissemination of psychoanalysis in the state of Jalisco and surrounding areas is the goal of the Psychoanalytic Association of Guadalajara.


Video from our latest Symposium: Psychoanalysis & Art:


Psychoanalytic Institute:
Psychoanalytic students are trained at the Institute, under the Eitingon model and IPA standards, with an emphasis on strong ethics and professional training.::Documents:Fotos Sociedad del Mes IPA:(23) 47º Congreso de IPA.jpg           ::Documents:Fotos Sociedad del Mes IPA:(21) XXIX Simposium. El Proceso Psicoanalítico.jpg


Clinic "José Sáyago" of the Guadalajara Psychoanalytic Association:::Documents:Fotos Sociedad del Mes IPA:(26) Graduación.jpg

It provides psychoanalytical and psychotherapeutic treatment at low cost to the community.

Other activities carried out by the Psychoanalytic Association of Guadalajara and with which aims to promote discussion, study, research and dissemination of psychoanalysis, are:  

Annual Symposium, Journal of Psychoanalysis of Guadalajara, Clinics and Scientific Conference, published books, newspaper, community talks, courses and seminars, cinema, Freud’s Bar,  Radio Program.


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