Psychoanalysis in Russia
Blooming and Fading (1900-1930)

Early history of psychoanalysis Russia signifies a noticeable involvement in the psychoanalytic movement. A number o Freud's prominent followers, for instance Lou Andreas¬≠ Salome, Max Eitingon and Sabina Spielrein, hailed from Russian; as did Sergey Pankcev, one of Freud's famous cases, "The Wolf  Man".

Freud thought that even those Russians who were not neurotics seemed "closer to the Unconscious than Western people". In a letter to Jung written in 1912, Freud notes that  "there seems to be a local epidemic of psychoanalysis"in Russia. In 1914 he says "In Russia, psychoanalysis is very generally known and widespread; almost all  my writings as well as those of other advocates of analysis have been translated into Russian".